ResetEra Tries To Get Native American Reference Censored From Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Smash Bros ResetEra

Social Justice Warriors hate minorities. We’ve seen proof of this time and time again, with their racist remarks against any minority who dares step out of line. They oftentimes see them as unintelligent, mentally unwell tokens to be virtue signaled as lesser beings when apropos, or, oftentimes, SJWs will use minorities to push the SJW agenda only to spite white males. This has become evident in the latest NPC spat, with ResetEra’s attempt to have any Native American references removed from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because they chose to take offense with Nintendo trying to be diverse with the content offered in the game.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news from a thread over on ResetEra, where the community caught wind of a quick animation from Mr. Game & Watch where he turns into a Native American, which is a reference to an old fire attack from the Game & Watch handheld.

Quite naturally, ResetEra decided to rally the forces and summon the localizers from Nintendo in order to get the Native American references removed from the game.

Yes, Regulus Tera, the member who started the thread, literally invokes Treehouse by stating that they know that members from Nintendo’s infamous group of localizers who are known for censoring and butchering games, frequent the ResetEra forums and that they actually want them to remove the references from the game ahead of its launch in December.

This was also echoed by another Social Justice Warrior on Twitter, from a user going by the handle of “gale”. They ask for Nintendo to remove the imagery because they claim it “hurts”.

Amid the safe-space replies, a few gamers actually utilized common sense, telling people that are easily offended that perhaps they should skip out on a game they weren’t buying anyway.

Others rightfully called out the silliness of SJW NPCs trying to get things changed in the game for no other reason than because two frames of animation were selected to be the whipping boy of their offense.

In a normal time most people would assume that Nintendo would ignore this kind of pettiness, but in today’s age where Social Justice Warriors have been responsible for getting plenty of games censored, such as the cameltoe being removed from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or Super Seducer banned from the PS4, there’s no telling if Nintendo will comply with the requests of racists or not. Previously Nintendo attempted to avoid their angry protests by having Native American imagery removed from Bravely Default 2 as reported by Censored Gaming, so there’s probably a strong likelihood that Mr. Game & Watch will be losing his Native American references in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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