Second Chance, Erotic Furry Thriller Enters Steam Early Access November 16th
Second Chance

COMAN and Eliana-Asato’s Second Chance is a hardcore, furry visual novel and erotic thriller, where players will take on the role of Lesley, a furry who has memory issues and attempts to rekindle his past by making new friends in the city.

Things seem to start going well for Lesley when he meets Neny Ryn, an exchange student from the university, and both Ryn and Lesley attempt to explore more of each other while meeting interesting and unique personalities along the way. However, not everything is as it seems, and soon Lesley finds himself in a circle of intrigue where he begins to doubt his own sanity and whether or not these unique personalities are really who they say they are.

The game features 12 different characters that players can interact with, each of which can be brought into an intimate relationship with Lesley, for better or for worse. According to the developer description, some of these encounters will be consensual, while others will consist of rape.

Now while players can make choices in the story that may suit their own desires for the characters, it turns out that some of these choices will have consequences that can negatively impact Lesley, and change the outcome of the narrative in ways you may not have imagined.

As you unlock these perverse and degenerate encounters with the various cast members of Second Chance, you’ll be able to recount those experiences in the art gallery, where there are more than 115 CGs to unlock in total.

There are also a few mini-games included in the game as well to help mix up the pace and give players, featuring a variety of hacking and puzzle games to complete in order to advance the story.

You can look for the furry dating sim to launch in all its uncensored, debased glory on November 16th when it enters into Early Access over on the Steam store.

(Thanks for the news tip Gamezard. Hope you enjoy the game!)


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