Senran Kagura: Peach Ball Switch Video Features Boob Squeezing With Airi Shimizu
Peach Ball - Airi Shimizu Nintendo Switch

While Sony is treating all of their users like some kind of sex criminals who must be punished by having all of their sexy-time taken away from them, Nintendo is allowing Switch owners to explore the forbidden arts of 4D jiggle physics. Marvelous Entertainment is also getting in on the action with Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, the upcoming pinball game due out in Japan for the Nintendo Switch.

The latest promotional video that Marvelous rolled out for Peach Ball combines actual gameplay with all the tantalizing tatas one could possibly wish for, thanks to gravure idol Airi Shimizu joining popular voice actress and singer Hitomi Harada for some boob-poking, titty-jiggling action… both in the game and in real life! The FPM is off the charts!

You can check out the eight minute gameplay video below featuring both the girls and the game getting jiggly with it.

The video starts with Airi giving a demonstration of her big ‘ole boobies in a tight little fur bikini, complete with matching bells between her cleavage and on a collar around her neck.

After showcasing her jiggle ability in real life (as well as inviting Harada to squeeze her boobs), we then get to see the girls in Peach Ball doing plenty of jiggling thereafter, as Airi proceeds to play some pinball using the Joy-Cons.

Senran Kagura Peach Ball - Boob Squeeze

The video showcases how the pinball levels are setup, and how players will need to garner a certain level of score to unlock special mini-games within the stage. The mini-games usually give gamers a close-up on the girl, as the balls make contact with the boobs and butts of the cast of Senran Kagura.

Later on at the five minute mark we get to see the duo going through some of the costumes you can outfit the girls with, as well as using the Joy-Cons to shake and bounce in a jerk-off motion to tear their clothes off. In one segment Airi strips down Asuka to nothing but some light bandages covering her nipples.

Senran Kagura Peach Ball - Pasties

It’s a video that truly embraces the complex and under-appreciated art of faptology.

Senran Kagura: Peach Ball is due out on December 13th in Japan on the Nintendo eShop. Now keep in mind that Nintendo Switch games are region free, so in order to purchase the game simply add some Paypal coinage to your account, and you can then use the universal Nintendo coins to make purchases from eShops from different regions. You will have to go to the official Nintendo website and switch your region to Japan, and then boot up your Nintendo Switch and go into the eShop to access the Japanese games there.

Truly the Nintendo Switch is aiming to become the waifu station for eighth gen gaming.

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