Netflix’s She-Ra Is Hated By Viewers, But Critics And SJWs Rush To Defend The Show
She and the Princesses of Power

The divide between what people actually enjoy and what the Leftist orthodoxy is trying to force people to enjoy has become ever so apparent with the release of She-Ra And The Princesses of Power on Netflix. The cartoon reboot of the popular 1980’s spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, managed to score a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics while barely scoring 40% from normal viewers.

If you visit the Rotten Tomatoes page you’ll see that the show currently has a 40% rating from users while 100% of the critics have given it a high score.

If you click through to read the critics’ review, you’ll see a bunch of familiar outlets; IGN, The Daily Dot, The Mary Sue, Den of Geek, Entertainment Weekly.

Yes, Netflix’s reboot got sterling reviews from a bunch of websites that push the SJW agenda. It’s almost like state-run media claiming that the state-appointed dictator is a fantastic person.

Vivian Kane from The Mary Sue made it known that the show was designed from the ground up by its lesbian creative director for the tumblr crowd, writing…

“[…] if you watched the trailer and were hoping the show would be full of female empowerment, body positivity, racial diversity, and queer rep, you’re in luck! This is 100% the She-Ra of your Tumblr dreams, in all the best ways. The show was made for fanfic and cosplay. (Oh, the cosplay is going to rule so hard.)


“At least two of the Princesses are presented as being in a romantic relationship, but there’s also a ton of inclusive, loving queer coding, especially between Catra and Adora. They revel in the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope. I mean, the “lovers” part may not be explicitly presented in their case, but it’s not denied either. There’s even an entire episode titled “Princess Prom” that features a dance sequence and a gorgeous magenta tuxedo, after which I honestly don’t understand how anyone could not be on team Catradora.”

This show joins the litany of other shows that try to induce parents to allow their kids to see heroes turning away from traditional values in order to succumb to the Liberal agenda, one in which there is no future for your children.

While Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich tries to convince parents that the show is safe for kids, the propaganda was too much for Franich to ignore gloating about, writing…

“She-Ra‘s a safe-for-kids show that never even gets around to explicit romance, but Stevenson and her collaborators take the fundamental glitter-camp style as an opportunity to fit some impressively complicated emotions into the undercurrents of the Adora-Catra relationship. Undercurrents, hell. There’s a pivotal moment where Adora dances with Catra, heroine in a magenta-fuschia dress, villainess rocking a sangria-colored tuxedo with an unwrapped bowtie, club lights around them casting a particular Bowie shade of pink, and then Catra dips Adora — wow!!”

Yes, She-Ra has been touched by a lesbian.

Sites like Collider also joined in on the fray, attempting to convince the normal streamer and television goer that She-Ra was worth watching.

The Left-wing media and the NPCs that hang on to their every word regurgitate all the talking points you would expect from Communists, normal people were quick to point out the flaws of Netflix’s fatuous reboot.

If you check the user reviews, you’ll see that most people are calling out the show for being little more than a vehicle in which to push the agenda of the creators.

Heck, even a feminist had to rail on the show for not being very good. Alissa D wrote…

“So I wanted to give this show its due process and watch it all the way through before I criticized. Just based on the trailer alone, I really wasn’t impressed. But I wanted to try anyway, because on the surface, a predominantly-female and diverse cast could never be a bad thing. And this case it isn’t either – those calling it sjw propaganda are weak and natural selection is coming for you.


“THAT SAID – this show simply falls flat on its face. Feminists are often accused of having a checklist of things we tick off then call a show good. And, just what I’ve gathered online, that seems to be the case with She-ra. And as a queer feminist, to me those things – body diversity, racial diversity, female empowerment, casual queerness (I’m specifically referencing the princess prom episode) – are all well and good, but they should still be executed WELL with a story that grabs you, good animation, great voice acting and direction, and compelling characters.

“She-ra, for me, doesn’t have that.”


Even third-wave feminists don’t like the show, which is funny because it seems to mirror what anti-SJWs have said about it. As summed up by The Quartering, he didn’t mince words by calling it “Woke garbage”.

However, you would probably never think that the show is bad based on all the adulation heaped upon the Netflix reboot of She-Ra from all the social media users. Any criticisms of the show – from promoting lesbianism to kids, to promoting obesity as a good thing, to promoting the emasculation of straight males – is immediately dogpiled by Twitter and Tumblr users who are unhappy with their own lives.

As you can imagine, the thread kind of goes on and on and on.

Nevertheless, the majority of normal people have spoken, and they don’t like the new She-Ra.. not one bit.

(Thanks for the news tip Matt Moylan)


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