Soul Calibur 6 Critical Edge For 2B Blows Off Her Skirt, Revealing Leotard Thong
Soul Calibur 6 2B Thong

Just like in NieR: Automata where you can go through the process of self-destructing the android 2B, which causes her skirt to blow off, you can do the same in Soul Calibur VI when playing as 2B.

The sexy android fighter will be the first major DLC character launch for Soul Calibur VI, and she was showcased during a livestream demonstration November 8th, 2018 on the Dengeki Online YouTube channel.

You can see the demonstration in action at the 50 minute mark in the video below.

The video goes through the process of showcasing 2B’s second Critical Edge attack, where she weakly walks over to an opponent, and sexily mounts them before causing her and her opponent to explode.

I’m sure plenty of people exploded… with excitement when they saw how true to form the Namco team has been with bringing Yoko Taro’s depiction of 2B to life from Platinum Games’ NieR: Automata.

Of course, the real highlight here is that once 2B explodes, her skirt goes flying off and it reveals her shapely and luscious thickness hiding beneath the Gothic lolita getup, giving you full access to the callipygian figure that helped make Square Enix millions of dollars back in early 2017.

Soul Calibur VI - 2B Critical Special

But that’s not all!

Event Hubs is reporting that you’ll be able to make full use of 2B’s arsenal and accessories in the character creation suite featured within Soul Calibur VI, as well as customize the statuesque android to your liking, allowing you to cover up her curvaceous hips by hiding them behind more clothing, which is a sin that no man in his right mind would forgive, or you can let those eye-traps swing and sway in all their fleshy comeliness by putting 2B on little more than heels and a thong.

The character creation options include the gray and black negligee from NieR: Gestalt, which was part of the DLC pack from NieR: Automata.

Soul Calibur VI - 08_nier12

The pack also comes with a few extra parts and stickers to customize your character with, four new weapons, the amazing battle music from the game, and moss-covered ruins from the game.

You’ll be able to purchase 2B’s DLC pack for Soul Calibur VI separately or get it as part of the bundle with the season pass, so you’ll no longer need the guide on how to make 2B in Soul Calibur VI.

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