The Blackout Club, Co-op Horror Game Updated With New Missions, Monsters, And Fixes
The Black Out

Question released The Blackout Club into Early Access back on October 30th, 2018 as part of the Halloween festivities. The game has been receiving periodic updates since entering into Early Access, as Question has been improving the overall gameplay, adding new modes, new content, and new quests.

Rely On Horror spotted the recent update that went live over on the Steam community page, where it was revealed that the second major content update fixed a number of bugs that gamers had reported, and improved overall compatibility and playability.

One of the major new features is the new areas in the maze, including a new room that has some tricks and traps to uncover, and new routes to give you access out of the maze.

New quests have been added to the game, including being able to recruit new members by completing specific objectives, and they’ve added a new threat known as the Lucids.

The Unstoppable has also been nerfed, so that it can no longer utilize infinite sprints.

The game is another one of those co-op horror-survival title, except it takes place within a neighborhood. You can see what an hour’s worth of gameplay is like courtesy of Flik’s Gaming Stuff.

As you can see in the intro sequence, the game definitely promotes the diversity agenda by showing an interracial couple, with a white Liberal being with an Indian woman.

The gameplay, however, is quite cinematic without stripping away a lot of the controls or mechanics from the players.

Unlike other horror games though, when the monsters grab you and attempt to kill you, there are opportunities to escape. You can grab a hold of environmental objects in an attempt to escape their grasp.

It’s definitely not like Dead by Daylight</i. Or Friday The 13th. There’s a much stronger focus on the horror aspects. The game is expected to stay in Early Access for the next six months, but if you were curious about the gameplay you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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