The Key To Home, Loli Visual Novel Is Coming Soon To Steam… Again
The Key to Home

When it comes to loli content a lot of people get put on edge, including Valve. Henteko Doujin and Katsudou Managaya’s The Key To Home is coming back to Steam, and this time it has plans on actually launching.

Back in December of 2017, The Key To Home was removed from the Steam store after someone at Valve indicated that the core audience for the visual novel would be pedophiles. Valve then promptly removed The Key To Home from the Steam store.

Keep in mind that this was around the time when Valve was reacting and responding in frantic ways due to the negative publicity it received from media outlets on the Left and the Right when the National Center on Sexual Exploitation claimed that Valve was selling porn to kids.

The Key To HomeFor a while, Valve enacted the extermination of ecchi and nearly brought about the waifu holocaust by either banning certain games from the Steam store, or forcing developers to censor their titles.

After a culture clash within Valve took place, the company came to an agreement that instead of being the taste police, they would simply allow all kinds of content on the Steam store, but the content would have to be put behind a series of filters.

Many NPCs operating out of the political Yakuza within the games media decided to attack Valve for valuing the freedom of speech, since many games journalists are anti-American or hold beliefs that are against Western values.

Gamers wondered if titles like Maidens of Michael or the Key To Home would make a return to Steam after the filers were put into place, and it appears the answer is yes.

The visual novel will only be available in Chinese and Japanese, so you would have to wait for an English language update or patch if you hoped to play it.

The visual novel itself is about a loli named Rika Sakuma who blackmails one of the teachers into robbing the school for its hidden fortune. The visual novel features more than 50,000 words of text, and has a fully voiced Japanese female cast of characters.

You can learn more about The Key To Home by visiting the Steam store page.

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