Touhou Pants Contest Tests Gamers’ Reflexes And Their Panty-Defense Skills
Touhou Pants Contest

SKB Game recently released Touhou Pants Contest onto the Steam store for $1.99. It’s part of the ongoing fan-fueled Touhou Project community, where new games are made based on characters within the Touhou universe.

The game sees players selecting from a number of characters and battling in reflex-based one-on-one bouts where the objective is to strip the other character of their panties, leaving them exposed and bottomless for all to see. If you win, you get to capture the panties of your opponent. If you lose, well you’re left exposed in public.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple, but there’s a lot of incentive to keep playing through the game and unlocking content. You can see how it all works with the launch trailer below.

Upon winning the bout you’ll be rewarded with seeing the character sprites pantsu’d and left in an embarrassing and humiliating pose.

However, the game extends itself beyond simply offering gamers reflex-based reactions in the panties-based showdown. You’ll also be able to unlock a huge gallery of CG art for each of the characters after they’ve been defeated. After each successful fight a new CG image will be unlocked before you proceed into the next battle, giving you a look at the girls in a very enticing state of undress.

Touhou Pants Contest - Rare

The incentive for the game is to keep replaying through the bouts until you unlock all of the CG images.

You can pick up a digital copy of Touhou Pants Contest from the Steam store right now.

Initially the developer ran into some issues with the original author not being paid, but according to an update on the Steam page, it appears they’ve worked out some of the financial conundrums, with SKB writing…

“After discussion with the original author. The original author accepted the compensation method proposed by us to transfer the game platform revenue to the original author. As of the end of each month, I will send the full monthly income of the game to the original author in the form of international remittance. I hope I can compensate the original author slightly.”

Hopefully all of that gets sorted. I doubt the game will be a huge hit, but so long as everyone who worked on it gets compensated properly then all will be well in the world.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)


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