Ultimate Hardbass Defence Features Babes In Thongs, Monsters And Guns
Ultimate Hardbass Defense

Magnolia Art’s Ultimate Hardbass Defence has entered into Early Access on Steam for $1.99. It features hot babes in bikini thongs, wielding high-powered weapons, defending hot locations from big, ugly monsters.

The hook for Ultimate Hardbass Defence is that it’s all about high-impact EDM combined with dancing, shooting, and fun times with friends, and the best part about it is that it’ll only cost you $1.99.

The game is a single-player or online cooperative third-person shooter, where you select the hot babe you want and then you and your team head into the map and attempt to defend the location against hordes of enemies.

There are four sexy chicks who must protect the provincial club while utilizing pistols, AK-47s, shotguns, and grenade launchers.

You can check out some of the gameplay with the Early Access trailer below.

The game is chock full of alcohol, nude chicks, lots of gore, mutilation, and plenty of blood.

According to Magnolia Art the game is scheduled to stay in Early Access up until March of 2019 next year. So it’ll spend some time in the development oven, cooking up some additional maps to play through, more weapons to unlock, and better optimized visual effects.

At the moment the game only sports a single arena and four hot babes, so they wanted to focus on refining the gameplay first before adding in more content.

So long as the NPCs don’t catch wind of the game it should be relatively safe on Steam. However, if the NPCs do catch wind of the game I can imagine them screaming at Valve to have it removed, like they do every single other game that offends their sensibilities.

If you want to check the game out or purchase a digital copy, you can do so right now by visiting the Steam store page.

(Thanks for the news tip Dave Oshry)

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