Vixen Clash, Uncensored Deck-Building Sim Launches On Nutaku
Vixen Clash

Nutaku continues to expand its offerings by adding new and original games to its 18+ digital storefront. The latest game to join the fray is the isometric sex-and-strategy simulator, Vixen Clash.

The game attempts to combine raunchy sex scenes with tactical turn-based combat based on deck-building and card collecting. You’ll gather a small party as you attempt to battle through a number of foes using your sexy team of fighters. Even though the game has tons of uncensored CGs, you’ll still have to use your wits about you by monitoring the damage per second each of your team members can dish out, the AOE attacks, their health, attack speed, targets, range and how they can deploy onto the battlefield.

You can check out the NSFW launch trailer for the game below, which gives you an idea of how the strategy mechanics and sex scenes will play out in the newly released game.

Winning battles will unlock new sex scenes, with more than 100 scenes to unlock and collect across a number of different positions and with various characters.

You can check out the free-to-play Vixen Clash right now by visiting the Nutaku store page.

Additionally, the company announced that they would be expanding their localization efforts given the breadth and reach of the storefront. With more than 20 million registered users spanning the globe, Nutaku plans on continuing their expansion by localizing in seven new languages, as well as expanding existing support for some of the outlet’s most popular games.

Basically, Nutaku proves that millions of games around the world love uncensored sexy-time and interactive entertainment. And while it took Valve to finally realize the same thing, it seems as if both companies recognize there’s a ton of money to made catering to this underrepresented market. So they’re basically doing the complete opposite of just about every AAA publisher out there other than Nintendo.


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