War Blade, 20-Player Arena Fighter Has A Free Demo Available For Download
War Blade Demo

Chinese developer and publisher TVR Games announced that War Blade currently has a free demo available over on the Steam store right now. The upcoming title is scheduled to enter into Early Access soon, but before it does you can get in some play-time with the melee-focused, combat arena game.

Details are scant at the moment, and unfortunately the language support for War Blade is only in simplified Chinese, but the teaser trailer for the game looks very promising (assuming it’s not full of lies) and the visuals at least give the game some element of distinction while it hones in on being a hack-and-slash style arena-PvP title.

You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Yep, it’s only 18 seconds long and three of those seconds are just blank, black screen space.

Nevertheless, we see that the combat looks like a more evolved version of what devCat introduced with Vindictus, with a splash of Diablo thrown in there.

The game is described as being a fight-for-survival arena game where up to 20 players are thrust into a map and must fight for their own survival.

The hook for the game is that it takes elements from the open-world survival genre by having players loot for gear, supplies, and new weapons and armor in order to survive against the hordes of beasts that roam the island.

You can either go out and engage in combat against other players and hope to survive or wait and hide in a safe place until the end of the match.

War Blade also has some Battle Royale elements, such as a shrinking zone that whittles down the longer the match goes on. However, the shrinking zone isn’t a death zone, it’s a safe zone. Basically there’s a large area of the map where you’ll be safe from PvP, but once the zone shrinks away it turns into a free-for-all.

It’s an interesting twist on the Battle Royale setup.

You’ll need at least an i5 CPU with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 750Ti to run War Blade. If you want to give the game a go feel free to check out the Steam store page for the free demo.


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