Wayne Trailer Depicts A Road-Trip Revenge Series Coming To YouTube
Wayne (2019)

YouTube is pozzed. Let’s get that out of the way right now. It’s a censorship-heavy factory of bullcrap chruned out of a factory pseudo-capitalism with a giant sickle and hammer symbol hiding behind that obnoxious red and black logo. You know it. I know it. And everybody who’s been screwed over in the adpocalypse – all because of the two-bit pricks at the Wall Street Journal tried to defame and defund PewDiePie but failed – knows it.

Nevertheless, everyone lacking the gonads to do anything about it continue to sit back and pretend to enjoy whatever milquetoast products Google pumps out through their propaganda machine known as YouTube, all to sate the boredom that venomously shoots through the mundane veins of your life like a high in a heroin addict who just got done collecting the six single dollar bills from having sucked schlong for a shot of nirvana in some gentry-forsaken back alley inevitably located in a Democrat-run town.

However… sometimes YouTube pulls through.

Wayne is one of those times.

Much like the YouTube Red series Cobra Kai, the upcoming series Wayne is themed around masculine pursuits with a less-than-masculine looking hero. But don’t let the beta-hair, lanky muscles, and sunken-in face fool you.

Wayne is about a gutsy kid with the chutzpah to make the world right again. The trailer starts with Wayne beating up an abusive soy boy’s bike (although you’ll cringe realizing that the abuser is white instead of being a minority), but then the show picks up when the real plot kicks into play. You can check out the trailer below from JoBlo.

As depicted in the promo piece above, Wayne’s father is dying and he’s got nothing. The one thing he was going to leave to his son was the one thing every righteous man thinks about passing down to his son: a muscle car.

But Wayne’s father doesn’t have a car to give, because it was taken by the low-down, dirty scumbag ex-wife and her boyfriend, along with a Mexican gangster. And this is where things get interesting.

Wayne takes a girl he’s fond of, named Del, along with him for a road trip to Florida, where the mother and her boyfriend are located. The goal is simple: get his father’s Firebird back.

The no-holds-barred series is a violent, dramatic, black comedy.

Wayne - Chainsaw

It’s not often we even get road trip revenge movies anymore, save for Nicholas Cage, who made Drive Angry and Mandy. They’re a rare breed of movie that stopped being made for some reason, but I’ve always loved them, from Mad Max to Warriors of the Wasteland, and from Six String Samurai to No Country For Old Men, we don’t get many films like that, much less television shows like that. But here we are, with Wayne on the horizon and set to debut in January, 2019 on YouTube.

I’m torn on whether or not it’s worth supporting, because if you don’t support it then Google will continue to push the narrative that straight, white males are no longer profitable. Although, if you do support it then you run into the issue of giving Google more money than they deserve, but it also proves that people still enjoy stories involving normal characters. It’s a tough place to be in given all the sociopolitical nonsense running wild these days, but it is what it is.


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