Weekly Recap Nov 3rd: Mafia 3 Devs Get Woke, Sony Censors Mary Skelter 2, Agony Unrated
Weekly Recap

This was a pretty big week in gaming news. Sony’s censorship train just keeps on rolling, this time the Chinese version of Mary Skelter 2 got caught in the crossfire, but when Sony had the developers remove the “Purification” system from the game it ended up breaking the game to the point where Chinese gamers could no longer progress, causing lots of rage and anger within the community. Ubisoft also jumped into the fray, censoring all versions of Rainbow Six: Siege to coincide with China’s content rules.

On the opposite end of the censorship spectrum there’s Agony, which recently re-released as Agony Unrated, featuring all of the cut content from the Kickstarter version along with brand new uncensored content just to ratchet up the shock value of the game. And speaking of shocking, the developers of Mafia 3 at Hangar 13 announced recently that they would be transforming into an activist studio, attempting to get “Woke”. We all know what happens when people get “woke”, though, right?

These stories and more in this November 3rd, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Sony Keeps The Censorship Train Rolling In Japan

Yet another game has fallen victim to the censorship train that’s been put into choo-choo muthasucka mode by Sony. The game? The Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Hot Spring Labyrinth title due out in the middle of November, exclusively for the PS4. What did they censorship? Belly-buttons, hips, and boob cleavage. Twitter decided to suspend The Gaming Ground for a week for saying a Swedish politician always smiles like a retard. Twitter decided to uphold the ban on the grounds that criticizing a female politician was hateful conduct. In the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting, GAB has been booted off its domain host… again.


Mafia 3 Dev Gets Woke

If you thought Mafia III was woke, well get ready to experience even more wokeness from Hangar 13 Studios. The outlet is focused on becoming an “activist” studio that centers in on “diversity”, both in hiring practices and in their games. South Korean gamers have become reviled at the actions of Kakao Games for suing a gamer who criticized them for allowing Black Desert Online to become subjected to lots of abuse from hackers, foreigners, and exploits. RPG.net has opted to ban any user who openly makes their support of President Donald Trump known. Dead Or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori has openly made his support known for microtransactions and loot boxes, claiming that they’re necessary due to the rising costs of development. The unrated version of Agony has finally launched, and what’s more is that the game will also be launching on the Nintendo Switch at the tail end of 2018, too. And EA is working on a new cloud gaming service called Project Atlas.


Sony Breaks Mary Skelter 2 With Censorship Policy

The censorship policy that Sony has implemented company wide for all games releasing on PS4 has affected the Chinese release of Mary Skelter 2. The game’s interactive “Purification” system was censored in a post-launch patch, but it ended up breaking the game for many players. Some adroit gamers managed to find a workaround to fix the problem, but it’s still a major problem for a lot of gamers. Speaking of Sony’s censorship, Nekopara Vol. 1 has also been censored for its release in Japan on the PS4, with the developers being forced to remove the boob jiggle slider altogether from the PS4 release. And Netflix’s The Witcher has continued to race-swap the characters from the series, with the latest victim being Triss Merigold.


SJWs Get Triggered Over Game Promoting Jair Bolsonaro

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro took the second round of voting in Brazil during late October. The controversial figure promises to restore greatness to Brazil once more, and make the country great again. Some developers are loving his attempt to rebound the South American country to the splendor it once had before diversity initiatives and socialism brought the country to ruin. Well, SJWs are absolutely livid about a new video game called Bolsomito, which showcases Bolsonaro’s fighting prowess in cleaning up the streets of Brazil. Censorship has reached an all new level in the house of Ubisoft, as the company is now globally censoring games like Rainbow Six: Siege to comply with China’s 10 Rules of Censorship. And there’s a new digital distribution service in town called Kartridge, aimed at giving developers an alternative platform to use instead of Steam or GOG.com.


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