10 PS Vita Games Put On Hold Due To Lack Of Carts, Says Limited Run Games
PS Vita

Sony is winding down support for the PlayStation Vita. They announced that in 2019 the PS Vita production would be ending. Sony started early with scaling back on the available carts that publishers have access to. This has greatly limited certain publishers in how they can produce physical copies for their games.

According to Limited Run Games, they’ve been cut short their physical supply of cartridges for the PlayStation Vita, resulting in them having to put their games on hold. Siliconera picked up the tweet from Josh Fairhurst from Limited Run Games, who informed the community about the issue.

The announcement took place over the course of three tweets on December 21st, 2018, where Fairhurst wrote…

“Having to do something I hate doing today – our remaining Vita cartridge allotment with Sony is far lower than we expected. We are being forced to put a pretty large swath of releases (over 10) on hold unless another publisher gives us some of their allotment.


“Since this is gaining traction, I just want to clarify something: Sony did their best to give us as many carts as they could, and we may still get more before production ends as others free up their allocations. It’s a tricky situation all around.


“My wording for the initial tweet was poor and it sounds like I’m angry at Sony. I’m not. I just dislike changing plans and the allocation has put me in a spot where I have to do that, much to my dismay. Fingers crossed things work out in the end and these get to exist.”

This isn’t too much of a surprise given that Sony has been distancing itself from the PlayStation Vita.

The company has practically abandoned the handheld in favor of focusing strictly on the PlayStation 4, which has become their bread and butter. As noted by Siliconera, they need about 20,000 more carts to get about eight of their games out there. But for now, the games are being delayed until they can get their hands on some more carts.

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