Angry Joe Calls Battlefield V’s Campaign A Half-Assed Political Agenda

Angry Joe Battlefield V SJW Agenda

After months of the community sending in information, linking to videos, and trying to get through to the popular YouTuber, Angry Joe Vargas has finally come around to recognizing what anti-SJWs have been saying from the start: Battlefield V is revisionist propaganda.

It took him a while to get around to that point, but after watching some videos and reading up on the actual history of World War II, and how the missions featured in Battlefield V were based on real-life events – especially the Nordlys mission – Joe became disgusted with DICE and EA when he discovered they completely wiped away the real-life history of the Norwegian commandos who saved the world from a nuclear holocaust.

The revised (and extended) review of Battlefield V went up on the Angry Joe Show YouTube channel, clocking in at 41 minutes. However, you don’t have to watch all of it to get the gist of Joe taking DICE and EA to task for dishonoring the men and women of World War II by pushing their agitprop in the first-person shooter. He begins his rant on the revisionist history at the 6:20 mark in the video below.

The gist of Joe’s rant boils down to him chiding DICE on their decision to forfeit telling actual, real-life World War II stories in favor of pushing their so-called “Progressive” agenda. Joe states…

“So if you wanted to tell these untold stories, why didn’t you tell the untold stories?! Instead you made up shit!!! It just looks – it looks embarrassing, like a half-assed political agenda that they were pushing into the game, while actually ignoring real exploits of men and heroes, but also women who were also heroes.


“So I missed that and I didn’t know about it, so that’s what really upset me because that may be happening to other people who may play the game and go ‘Oh, this must have happened. This must have been based on real events’ or something like that because you don’t have that learning opportunity.“

Joe is finally starting to wake up to the SJW agenda that has been running rampant in games these last six years. Joe originally got called out for trying to downplay the issue and hand-wave the SJW agenda away, but people rightfully called out Joe by pointing out that the SJW influences negatively impacting Battlefield V were too conspicuous to ignore.

Another reason Joe had to speak up about Battlefield V’s revisionist history is because the video breaking down how DICE completely rewrote history to fit their feminist agenda has become one of the most watched videos on YouTube regarding the game. In case you missed it, you can check it out below courtesy of American Krogan.

The video started a conversation of just how corrupt DICE has been when it comes to erasing the history of the heroes of World War II in favor of trying to appease corrupt journalists pushing Leftist agitprop from their platforms and calling everyone who doesn’t toe the line a “sexist”, “racist”, “transphobic”, “misogynist”.

DICE choosing the phantom audience over the built-in war buffs and realistic war-sim fans who wanted to love Battlefield V is now biting them hard in the butt. And given that even some of the most sympathetic and diehard defenders of the game are turning on it, expect sales numbers to be abysmal. Once that happens the game would be on the fast track to making it on the Get Woke, Go Broke master list.

(Thanks for the news tip KIA)

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