Battlefield V Players Express Displeasure After Broken Assignments And Hackers Become Prevalent

Players who have been giving Electronic Arts and DICE’s AAA product Battlefield V a go this holiday season will likely find features and systems that don’t quite equate to a $59.99 title. Yes, missions featured in the final week of events and challenges in the Grand Operations multiplayer experience have been causing players massive issues, including not tracking the stats, and pesky hackers looking to make Battleifled V player experience that much worse on PC.

Firstly, if you have no idea what “PTFGO” stands for it means “Play The F*cking Grand Operations/Objective.” Accompanying this saying is the Grand Operations and Modes, which has a new Chapter Event via Tides of War.

What is a Chapter Event? Well, it offers players a chance to unlock a reward by completing a grouped list of in-game challenges. There are paths that players can take to reach the end goal, whereupon completing each challenge will grant that player “Chapter XP” and a reward when completed — regardless if a player started (or completed) another route.

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Well, not everything is going peachy with this event during the holiday season. For instance, we can see when the official Battlefield V Twitter account posted the announcement explaining the aforesaid to obtain the reward it became explosive among players. But why, though?

Taking it from the top, in Grand Operations, players must fight through a plethora of maps and modes up to four in-game “days.” At the end of this event is the semi-automatic rifle for the Assault class dubbed the “Ag m/42.” However, players are playing this long-winded multi-day mission, and participants who completed the event aren’t getting XP, the weapon or making headway in the above pathway.

And no, this is not just an isolated case. Many players have been affected by this blunder, which calls for EA support to step in:

EA support wasn’t restricted to that one problem, though:

And inasmuch, the problem persists with yet another EA support replying to a disgruntled player dealing with said problem:

But, and there is a big but, cheaters have been rearing their heads this holiday season due to the game dipping even lower in price from half-off, which means PC players must deal with unpleasant encounters.

In addition to the above, many players have taken to r/BattlefieldV to explain how a AAA game like Battlefield V still has cheaters and why there is no push from EA and DICE actively fighting hackers as found on the following threads:

The above threads are accompanied by the following videos by YouTubers Oculus Rift, Crafty, and Dimi Glei that reveal uncanny cheating that popped up this week:

It looks like EA and DICE got their holiday players but at a cost. We can see three players who confirm the same instance of cheating with Leki82 stating:

EA/DICE don’t care, reported these players weeks ago and they are still cheating


Playername: D**********

Playername: P********

User _alphex_ followed up that:

“Hey, I was just in that game if that was a couple of minutes ago! I just made a thread about it I wasn’t too sure since I’ve seen legit high kd like that but this just confirms my suspicion.”

And we have Outcomeofcum concluding:

“Haha nice! Yeah my team had been dominating the previous games until he joined. I saw everyone on his own team complaining about him hacking, so I went to the spectate feature to check it out. Some of it looks legit if you imagine him to be a god, but with 137+ ping you’re not landing these shots. And theres obvious aimbot auto aiming going on for a lot of shots.”

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