BlazeTV Fires Gavin McInnes, YouTube Perma-Bans His Account [Updated]
Gavin McInnes

[Update 12/13/2018:] Gavin McInnes has had his YouTube channel reinstated after YouTube had previously terminated his account. McInnes immediately began ripping into Leftists with the first video that was uploaded to the channel after it was reinstated.

[Original article:] The original founder of the Western Chauvinist group known as the “Proud Boys”, Gavin McInnes, has been fired by Glenn Beck and Mark Levin’s BlazeTV network after they acquired CRTV.

Newsweek is reporting that shortly after acquiring CRTV, the executives at BlazeTV proceeded to fire Gavin McInnes. This was confirmed through a tweet sent out on December 8th, 2018.

McInnes wasn’t the only one gone from CRTV. Host Michelle Malkin parted ways from CRTV along with Dan Bogino following the merger.

But Gavin Mcinnes’ troubles didn’t end there.

CNET is reporting that YouTube has completely ousted McInnes from the platform, permanently banning his YouTube channel with 221,000 subscribers.

The charge? Copyright violations.

If you attempt to visit the YouTube channel, you’re met with a message for the reason the account was terminated.

This comes after a procession of fake news media claiming that the FBI had labeled McInnes’ Proud Boys as domestic terrorists, a charge that later turned out to be false, as reported by Oregon Live.

Despite the news being fake about the Proud Boys being a hate group, McInnes still stepped down and parted ways from the Proud Boys. The most the group did was rally and punch Antifa in the face, but being against Communism and anarchists rioting in the streets was enough to get the Proud Boys a negative reputation within the media.

McInnes joins others on the Right who have recently been de-platformed and banned, including Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopoulos being permanently banned from Patreon, and InfoWars being permanently banned from Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Spotify.

There’s been an absolute crackdown of censorship on Conservatives in recent times, but a lot of people who claim to be “Centrist” continue to make unfounded claims that it’s all a “conspiracy theory”.

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