Bloody Chronicles Now Available On Steam, R18+ DLC Coming Soon
Bloody Chronicles

While the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 rages on, some developers are still releasing games featuring lewd content and hot anime babes. One such developer is Japanese indie outfit Igrasil Studio. The developers recently released Bloody Chronicles: New Cycles of Death into Early Access on Steam for $24.99. During the first week of being on sale you can get the game for 20% off the normal purchase price for only $19.99.

The R18+ content featuring the If Mode, and the highly requested Beach & Hotsprings episode featuring more dating and romance elements, will be launching soon, assuming Valve doesn’t block Igrasil from releasing the content.

The story centers around a serial killer who is on the loose and begins to kill indiscriminately, including the parents of the main character.

It’s up to Kazuki to track down the main killer by teaming up with a number of quirky and sexy characters while the killer continues to randomly kill.

The full version of Blood Chronicles features 30 hours of content, and up to 70 different decisions, including options to date the hotties in the game.

I wonder how well this game will fair when the R18+ content drops and will Valve come down on them the way they have with the other games? Hopefully they won’t have to remove any characters like what happened with Niplheim’s Hunter or mysteriously get barred at the last minute like the all ages version of Hello, Goodbye.

Also, Igrasil Studios’ Yagyu is currently trying to keep fan-service alive on the PlayStation 4 with the petition. Sony UK will supposedly get back with Yagyu regarding the Sony PS4 censorship policy in early 2019. He’s been pulling double duty trying to fight for the anime waifu and agains the censorship policies that Sony is using to ruin Japanese gaming, while also maintaining information roll-outs for Bloody Chronicles.

If you’re interested in the visual novel horror title, you can check it out right now from over on the Steam store.


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