Captain Marvel 2nd Trailer Tries Desperately To Make Brie Larson Seem Cool
Captain Marvel

Marvel dropped another trailer for Captain Marvel, the upcoming film starring the emotion-starved award winning actress, Brie Larson. The two minute trailer, which aired during an NFL game on Monday night, tried its darndest to feed some life into Larson’s portrayal of Carol Danvers, but by golly does it come off as distant and aloof. It really makes the smiling makeover she received look like Academy Award winning material.

The trailer has a lot of content to cover, and it certainly makes me wonder how it’s all going to come together in the final movie. You see, there’s a memory lapse element to the story where Larson’s character, Carol Danvers, can’t remember who she was on Earth and instead identifies as Kree. There’s a sub-plot about a galactic war taking place that Danvers (or Captain Marvel) is attempting to end. And then there’s another sub-plot about Skrulls invading Earth and posing as humans that Captain Marvel is attempting to weed out.

You can check out the trailer below.

It picked up more than a million views a lot of thumbs up shortly after watching, thanks to a lot of normies not knowing any better and thinking that the movie is actually going to be good. Funnily enough, there isn’t much that they can say in their own defense that signifies what exactly makes the movie good. It’s a rather by-the-books trailer that completely lacks character.

You don’t get any sense of Larson’s portrayal of Danvers as anything more than a vehicle for heroism. But why is she heroic? We don’t know. Why are we rooting for her? We don’t know. What makes her special? We don’t know. What did she overcome? We don’t know.

Essentially, the trailer is: Here is a bunch of cool clips, isn’t Captain Marvel cool?


No she’s not cool.

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson

The problem is that Iron Man was built out of a humbling experience spawned from the debris of Tony Stark’s hubris, while Captain America was a story about a weak young man who had a big heart and just wanted to do the right thing during really bad times. The hook for those stories was about the content of their character; vastly different characters I might add.

Here, we don’t know much about Carol Danvers, and that’s fine, but then they keep trying to push her as being cool and heroic and awesome while also not giving us much of a reason to suspend our disbelief beyond the very obvious ploy that she may be more of a vehicle for feminist propaganda than a root-worthy hero.

We still don’t really know what her character arc is supposed to be, nor do we have any clue as to what her actual challenge is (other than restoring her memory), and they don’t ever seem to show her in much peril. It’s a little bit like a showcase of a super heroine who is super strong with super powerful abilities and no faults.

There’s still a bit of time to rectify this but I doubt they will. There are some fans in the comment section calling out Larson’s lifeless performance depicted in the trailer so far, while others are rightfully saying that the upcoming Shazam movie looks like a much better paced, much better character-driven story compared to Captain Marvel, and despite the fact that DC has been dropping the ball more times than a one-armed basketball player when it comes to their life-action adaptations, I actually tend to agree that Shazam, so far, looks like the better movie.


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