Chuchel Petition Requests Amanita Design To Restore Original Colors


Some gamers have started a petition to get the developers of Chuchel to reverse the decision regarding the character being changed from black to orange. Originally the developers, Amanita Design, listened to the feedback of Social Justice Warriors who complained about the character, claiming that it represented “blackface”, which prompted Amanita to completely alter the character’s design. This resulted in the game getting review bombed over on Steam, because gamers didn’t like that Amanita kowtowed to SJWs.

There’s a petition over on from Olly Crowe, who decided to start the petition in hopes of getting the character changed by to the original design. Crowe writes…

“On December 20th, 2018, Amanita Design changed Chuchel’s color to orange, because some people were offended by the original design.


“I, along with the vast majority of Amanita’s audience, believe this to be an extremely weak and bad decision on Amanita’s part. In today’s world, it is impossible to make something that will not offend anybody. Somebody out there will always find something wrong with literally anything you can make.


“When Amanita changed Chuchel’s design, it tells these kinds of people that it’s OK for them to have stuff how they like it, that it’s OK for them to change art to be exactly to their liking. If we continue to listen to the tiny percentage of people who get offended by stuff as harmless as a ball of fluff, the concept of “art” will cease to exist as people go around editing and censoring things to be perfectly to their liking.”

This is true. There has been an increase in Social Justice Warriors forcing artists and creators to change their designs. When artists defy them, they attempt to harass them and try to get them banned, which is what happened when the one artist drew fanart of Dream Daddy, or when certain groups tried to get Shadman banned from Twitter.

In this case, the majority of gamers do not like the change that Amanita Design made, and made their voices heard by review bombing the game on Steam or giving a thumbs down on the YouTube page.

The petition just started on December 27th, 2018, so it’s off to a slow start, but if you wanted to make your voice heard over the Social Justice Warriors who constantly find offense at everything, including making Nintendo remove the Native American references from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, be sure to visit the page and sign the petition.

(Thanks for the news tip Matthew Lewis)