Court Forces Radio Host To Promote Feminist Propaganda After Making “Sexist” Remarks
Broken Microphone

Argentinian radio host Angel Etchecopar has been forced into ideological servitude to feminists. Why? Because he dared to expose the feminist agenda being pushed down the throat of society. The prosecutors claimed he used his platform to push gender discrimination and “misogyny”, and as a form of punishment, Etchecopar has been forced to allow feminists on his show as guest, enabling them to speak uninterrupted for 10 whole minutes. A torture worse than death.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news from BBC, who picked up the news from Le Monde. Yes the same Le Monde that Quantic Dream’s David Cage decided to sue for defamation earlier in the year after they tried labeling the development studio as a cultivator of sexism and racism.

The way the story goes, prosecutor Federico Vilalba Diaz informed the media that Etchecopar would be repaying his debts to society for daring to call feminists “feminazis” and exposing the propaganda of the Leftists by agreeing to have them on his show as penance for his crimes against the cultural agitators. This was the option that Etchecopar chose as opposed to doing jail time.

His actual crimes? Being “disrespectful, insulting, denigrating, and discriminatory” against women. According to the BBC…

“Under the terms of the agreement, prosecutors will provide a list of gender specialists and Argentina’s special gender violence prosecutor Veronica Guagnino will come up with the topics for discussion.


“Etchecopar also has to avoid making further discriminatory remarks for a year and has made a small donation to a Catholic charity. If he breaks the terms the case against him will be resurrected.”

This kind of freedom-infringing news quite quickly made its way into the circles of anti-SJWs, with pundits like Sargon of Akkad exposing how Argentina is punishing a man not for committing a crime against anyone, but for wrongthink.

As Sargon pointed out, every single Centrist™ out there who continues to claim that Social Justice Warriors have no power should be deftly silenced by the fact that the government is literally forcing a radio host to kowtow to the yoke of feminism.

This sort of ideological tyranny has set ablaze the rage within the very depths of all those who actually value freedom, which is obviously everyone who does not support Leftism or the Social Justice movement.

As for Etchecopar, he’s basically sentenced to five months of having to endure feminist guests on his show who will get to use his show as a platform to promote their brand of feminism uninterrupted and without any form of criticism for 10 minutes straight on his show. Etchecopar is also prohibited from bad-mouthing the guests after they get done using his show for their propaganda.

This further shows that Social Justice Warriors are the true terrorists that threaten our sense of comfort and liberation afforded to us in modern day society.


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