Crackdown 3 Gameplay Video Looks Uninspired While Agent Options Are Plagued By Diversity Agenda
Crackdown 3

Joseph Staten, the creative director at Microsoft Studios working on Crackdown 3, gave gamers a brief walkthrough of some of the new content set to appear in the game’s single-player campaign mode.

In the video we learn that Crackdown 3 will feature a solo campaign and a co-op campaign, so you’ll be able to play with a friend. Staten explains that you’ll be able to level up your character from level 1 up to level 6. There are different agents and you can level up each one to their max potential. You’ll have up to five slots to level five different Agents.

One of the cool features for the single-player is that Agents are separate from the world saves. So you level up an Agent and max them out and then start a new world and play a max-level agent in a brand new world, almost like replaying Saints Row but with a max level character.

You can check out the video below from IGN.

We see the gameplay on display briefly, with Agent Jaxon jumping around, blowing up aerial vehicles, smashing some of the enemies, and shooting some of the bad guys down.

The world map is setup similar to Red Faction: Guerrilla or Just Cause, where you can travel the world and fight through the districts at your own pace. However, despite the game sounding kind of neat on paper, in execution it didn’t look so hot, starting with the white guy-free agent selection menu.

Crackdown 3 Character Select

It appears there’s a bald, brownish-looking white guy with a blonde beard, but it looks like he might be fat and old. Otherwise all the other characters are brown dudes and women. Because obviously, taking cues from the most controversial feature of Battletech and one of the most complained about aspects of the character creator from Mass Effect: Andromeda is a good way to go, huh guys?

Now on the upside they don’t scroll all the way down the Agent list, so there’s a possibility that there are a few playable white Agents in the selection money. However, something tells me that we’re not going to see a bunch of fair-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Übermensch tucked away at the bottom of the selection menu like a tall glass with some kind of clumped together substrate of crystallized sugar stuck at the bottom of a chocolate root beer float.

Even still, the gaming audience was not impressed.

While a bunch of people have been hoping that Microsoft would be the savior to step in while Sony goes on an SJW-inspired censorship spree of all things Japan, the reality is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too far removed from same Leftist agitprop that has practically taken over Sony.

Some people are defending the game in the comment section, completely missing the point of the criticism. The biggest issue most people have is not that the graphics are unremarkable, it’s that the gameplay isn’t far removed from what was done in the origianl Crackdown… 10 years ago!

In case you forgot, check out the original trailer for the Xbox 360 exclusive.

What’s so amazing about it is that the Agents look badass, the world design looks inspired, there are actual white characters to play, and the action is somehow more over-the-top and dynamic on the Xbox 360 than on the Xbox One. How is that even possible?

Hopefully the little bits and pieces that were showcased on IGN is just a small sampling of the game world and not indicative of what else the developers have in store. However, that’s hoping against reality, because the reality of what we’ve seen so far is not impressive at all.

You can look for Crackdown 3 to launch on February 15th, 2019 on the Xbox One.


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