Crunchyroll Catches Heat From Community For Spoiling Zombie Land Saga To Virtue Signal
Zombie Land Saga

Crunchyroll seems to be at odds with its own community in recent times, whether it’s censoring a mobile game for Western audiences while trying to claim they didn’t, or trying to defend the development of an original animated show for the service steeped in sociopolitical propaganda. The latest incident involves an editorial from one of the staff who decided to spoil a character arc in Zombie Land Saga in order to virtue signal gender identity politics.

The article was published on November 29th, 2018 [backup] by Carlos Cadorniga. It covers the writer’s perspective of a character’s gender identity and their arc through the story, praising the localizers and portraying the character in a way that they felt was celebratory of transgenderism.

However, the article decided to spoil plenty of the show’s content relating to the character arc and development of said character.

The show only originally began airing in Japan on October 3rd, 2018, and was later localized by Funimation and simulcast by Crunchyroll following the Japanese airing. So not everyone has managed to keep up with the show, since it’s still airing and all 12 episodes have not been released yet. In fact, in Japan the last episode was aired on November 29th, 2018, as of writing of this article, so typically the Crunchyroll article posting spoilers before many English-speaking viewers have been able to view the episodes angered the community something fierce.

There are more than 400 comments at the time of writing this article, many of which are taking Crunchyroll to task for spoiling the anime.

There are debates ranging in the comment section about the character in question, about the interpretation that Crunchyroll’s article takes, and some complaining about the author spoiling the show on behalf of virtue signaling, while some from the SJW community are thanking Crunchyroll for virtue signaling.

There’s even a battleground brewing like hot tea in a kettle over on YouTube, as some YouTubers are arguing about the character’s gender identity. Now if you haven’t seen the show but plan on watching it, you probably want to avoid the videos below because they will spoil the story of Zombie Land Saga.

But YouTuber Andrea Ritsu argued the same argument that Crunchyroll did.

On the other end of the spectrum, YouTubers like Appabend took a less decisive approach to the matter, trying to break down the arguments being made by other content creators, fans, and the Left-wing media who have concocted their own interpretation of the story.

No matter where you fall on the debate about the gender identity topic, some of Crunchyroll’s community are giving them some flak for spoiling an anime airing on the Crunchyroll network right there on the news page of the site itself.

It’s the equivalent of AMC spoiling the story arc for Beta in The Walking Dead on the main website before the arc airs on television. In this case, however, Crunchyroll felt the spoiler was justified in order to virtue signal.

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