Dark Souls Mod Features Sexy 2B From NieR: Automata
Dark Souls 2B Mod

An updated mod from CherrydoomXC featuring the sexy YoRHa android, 2B, has been made available for anyone playing Dark Souls on PC. You can download the mod, for free, right now from the NexusMods website.

The mod allows you to play as 2B. It was initially released in the middle of November, but it needed a lot of work, tweaks, and updates in order to achieve the true glory worthy of 2B’s two cheeks.

In order to equip the mod and play as the sexy, Gothic-lolita android, you will need a working copy of Dark Souls, along with the unpacking tool for the mod. You can download the UnpackDarkSoulsForModding utility from the NexusMods download page.

As for the mod itself, it replaces the Wanderer Armor and the Thief Black Armor. The model replacement also works for male and female characters, and the model can be mixed and matched with other sets. So if you mix the Wanderer set with the upper body armor from the Thief set, you will get 2B without her skirt in the leotard thong.

Dark Souls - 2B's Bottom

Ohh that’s going to make a lot of video cards purr at night.

If you equip the full set for the Thief or Wanderer, you will get 2B in her full skirt, bandanna, and those sexy thigh-high leather boots.

Now the reason this specific update is so significant is because CherrydoomXC had to restart the mod from scratch, and do it right, along with adding in the Virtuous Contract sword and 9S’ Cruel Oath. CherrydoomXC explains…

“I totally restarted from scratch, which is why it took so long to update. I won’t be able to fix anything for a few months so I wanted to get it as good-looking as possible. Fixed some issues with mesh placement and clipping. “

You can get your hands on the mod right now for your copy of Dark Souls on PC. So if you couldn’t get enough of her in NieR: Automata or SoulCalibur VI, you can dungeon crawl with the synthetic beauty in FromSoftware’s iconic action-RPG.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)

[Update:] Also, if you have Dark Souls Remastered on PC, you can download the 2B mod for Dark Souls Remastered from NexusMods as well.


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