DC Cancels Border Town Following Co-Creator Eric Esquivel’s Sexual Abuse Allegations
Border Town Cancelled

DC Comics and Vertigo Comics have announced the cancellation of the comic book Border Town following the news spreading about the sexual abuse allegations surrounding the co-creator of the comic, Eric M. Esquivel.

This move comes after the creative team stepped down from Border Town. ComicsBeat is reporting that Tamra Bonvillain and Ramon Villalobos both stepped away from the comic after the allegations surfaced about the sexual misconduct by Eric M. Esquivel.

In a Twitter thread published on December 12th, 2018, Bonvillain wrote…

“2 days ago, I was first made aware of the experiences shared by Cynthia Naugle about her relationship with Border Town writer Eric Esquivel. The way he treated her was disgusting and inexcusable, and issue 5 is my last issue working on Border Town. It shames me to have spent so much time and energy working with someone who is capable of such actions, and I’m sorry if the delay in response caused some confusion about my feelings.


“We were advised to let the attention remain on the parties involved, but it seems clear that Eric has no interest in acknowledging his actions, and I don’t feel comfortable waiting any longer.


“I’m sorry to Cynthia, and any other women he may have treated similarly in the past. If I had been aware of his history of abuse, I would never have joined the project, and without trying to speak for Ramon or anyone else, I believe they feel the same way.


“There was a separate issue raised with Eric months ago, but this was explained to me as resolvable, interpersonal issues. I asked point blank if any of these issues involved abuse, and was told they did not. One specific case, which I only heard 3rd hand, was brought to DC. If at any point I thought there was more to the story than a guy being awkward, I would have been gone, and was ready to leave the book at the time if that was the case. Again, no issues of abuse were ever discussed with me prior to a couple days ago.


“Regardless, I believe Cynthia, I’m sorry for any pain Eric has caused her and anyone else, and I no longer wish to be associated with Eric in any way.”

Villalobos also published a statement via Twitter on December 13th, 2018.

A day later DC and Vertigo proceeded to cancel Border Town.

Bleeding Cool reported on December 14th, 2018 that DC cancelled the last two issues of the comic and issued a return order for the previous issues.

Following the news, images of the cancellation order began spreading across social media.

If you’re unable to read the message from DC, it states…

“Retailers, please note that DC is cancelling all orders for BORDERS TOWN #5 (NOV180418) and 6 (DEC180542). These issues will not be resolicited.”

They also noted that the previous issues can be returned after January 2nd, 2018.

Border Town was heavily criticized for being another “woke” comic, dabbling in race relations and Social Justice Warrior topics that quickly turned off many fans. It should almost come as no surprise by now that the co-creator was allegedly involved with sexual misconduct, given the stark history of Social Justice Warriors turning out to be sexual deviants.

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