Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet Trailer Highlights Switch’s 4D Jiggle Physics
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet 4D Jiggle

A new trailer was released for the upcoming Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet. The trailer covers the basic gameplay functions such as the volleyball mode, the climbing, and the racing mini-games, as well as previewing the VR mode for the PSVR and the all new 4D jiggle physics for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will feature some of the new characters from Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, along with the new bikinis from the PC version of the game. The real highlight of the video is that we finally get an idea of how the 4D jiggle physics will work with the Switch version of the game, as highlighted in the trailer below.

So you’ll be able to feel the bounciness taking place when the big ‘ole boobies start wiggling and wobbling, thanks to the HD rumble effects of the Joy-Con. You can then create a feedback loop with the motion controls and button presses, which take advantage of the physics systems that Team Ninja refers to as the Soft 4D Engine. The idea is to make the jiggle physics feel interactive and tangible for the players with a sense of tactical feedback for the Switch version of the game.

If you value the sanctity of interactive boobs, then this is could end up being the definitive version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

PlayStation 4 owners, meanwhile, will have exclusive access to the VR mode, which will be freely available in the game when it launches on March 20th, 2019 in Japan.

However, due to the Sony censorship policies, you will not be able to interact with the girls, fondle them, or take part in the 4D jiggle physics like Nintendo Switch owners. What’s sad is that given that the PlayStation Move controllers could effectively function much in the same way as the Joy-Cons, the fact that Sony’s censorship prevents fondling of boobs in PlayStation games, it means that PS4 owners are being made bereft of 4D jiggling.

The game is due out next year for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but take note that they had to remove some of the PS4 features to comply with the censorship policy, and this includes the lotions that make the girls’ butts and boobs bigger and jigglier, as well as the fans that forces the jiggle physics into play as well as tear up their clothing.


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