DiRT Rally 2.0 Will Feature Overhauled Aerodynamics, Improved Tire And Surface Physics

Dirt Rally 2

Codemasters released a new developer diary for DiRT Rally 2.0, talking about the new cars, the new physics, new the tracks, and the new graphics. The game looks fantastic based on the little they showcase from the footage featured in the developer diary.

They discuss how they completely overhauled the road surface and the way the tires on the vehicles interact with said surface so that there’s improved slip on the turns, improved rotation, and better aerodynamics in the way the cars deal with different road surfaces, how the vehicles jump, and how much input the vehicles react to based on your control scheme.

The game looks fantastic based on the very tiny amounts of gameplay footage made available. You can check it out in the developer diary below.

The developer diary is pretty short, but it gives you a look at how they’ve improved both the exteriors and interiors of the vehicles, including making the driver and copilot more reactive to bumps, shunts, spins, and turns. A few of the scenes almost looked good enough to pass for real life.

The comments jump right into the critical feedback. They hammer home that they want good force feedback for their dedicated steering wheels, and that Codemasters needs to ditch the random stage generator from DiRT 4 and instead focus on dedicated courses.

Interestingly enough there’s a lot of VR fanboys in the comment section. I really had no idea that so many people love VR so much. Most gamers have given up on it, but the DiRT roadies are all saying that they want a VR option for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

If Codemasters decided to add support for such a feature it would likely come via a post-launch patch since they’re gearing up to release DiRT Rally 2.0 February 26th, 2019.