Disney’s Live-Action Kim Possible Poverty-Ridden Trailer Gets Downvoted Into Dirt
Kim Possible

Disney makes billions producing kids fare, controlling the Marvel properties, and generally being one of the biggest mega-conglomerates on the planet. However, their upcoming live-action Kim Possible film set to air on the Disney Channel on February 15th, 2019 was met with a very negative reaction from fans who grew up with the popular animated show after seeing the poverty-ridden trailer that looked cheaper than a knockoff Nigerian tuxedo from Brokanda.

The live-action trailer clocks in at just over a minute, and the ingenue they picked for the role seems a little on the portly side to be a high-kicking, martial-arts super spy.

Kim Possible - Live-Action Movie

Nevertheless, it outlines how the adolescent juggles school work while saving the world from nefarious-minded villains. Kim has a number of gadgets at her disposal, and must also rely on her friends to help her save the world from Drakken and Shego while navigating their way through the ups and downs of high school. My description of the film is a heck of a lot more generous than how it’s depicted in the trailer, which you can check out below.

The downvotes speak volumes to how much fans hate this live-action Kim Possible trailer.

The comment section rips Disney apart harder than a fresh fish being fed to a very hungry general population.

Disney also inadvertently red-pilled its own audience, waking them up to the diversity agenda. While the media has been repeatedly claiming that “there is no agenda” and that Social Justice Warriors don’t exist, Disney’s attempt to revive Kim Possible as a cheaply made live-action flick with sets that look like they were borrowed from a warehouse containing props of rejected Roger Corman sci-fi films, made their agenda more obvious to the audience than any photo collage of a red-penned diagram put together by deep web autists.

One user promptly rolled through a short list of many of the problems within the trailer, pointing out that they were not cool with Disney’s race-swapping.

You know you’ve messed up when Disney fanboys (and fangirls) start calling out the diversity agenda.

It’s also quite a feat that Disney managed to get plenty of females to turn against them with the live-action remake of the beloved animated show.

While Disney may receive a lot of hate for turning Star Wars “woke”, and ruining plenty of other material out there, perhaps the culture war may be won yet just by Disney getting too “woke” for its own good. There’s no sweat off my back, though. I just have to wait for the ratings to roll in, because there’s a nice warm spot on the Get Woke, Go Broke master list once this live-action abomination of Kim Possible drops in February.

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