Dragon Ball Middle-Fingers Censored In Japanese Blu-Ray Releases
Dragon Ball Censored

While there used to be a meme that if you wanted the true version of the Japanese version of a product, you would need to learn Japanese. That meme no longer holds any weight, given that now the actual Japanese versions of Dragon Ball material are getting censored.

It doesn’t matter which era of Dragon Ball you’re gunning to get, whether it be Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Super or Dragon Ball GT, the Blu-ray releases of these popular shows and movies are getting hit hard with censorship.

Censored Gaming did a quick recap of the creative blasphemy taking place with one of the most beloved export properties from the land of the rising sun.

The censorship affects all the new Blu-ray releases of the Dragon Ball movies and shows, where the middle-finger is now being censored.

Some people speculate that now that Western culture is now more ubiquitous than ever before, Japanese are being more conscious of how it affects the kids and censoring it so as to prevent the kiddies from imitating the purportedly obscene gesture.

However, others believe that in lieu of Japan hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, they’re trying desperately to clean up their act to limit the amount of outrage spawned from Social Justice Warriors (mostly in the media) who will travel to Japan and find things to get offended about in order to defame Japanese culture via calumny.

Some of these theories aren’t entirely too far-fetched given that the director of Senran Kagura also cited that things are changing due to the war on fan-service and how some creators are being more conscious of the 2020 Olympics and how they’re trying to adapt to “global standards”. Sony of Japan president Atsushi Morita also cited “global standards” as a reason why they’re being so aggressive with the PS4 censorship policies.

However, as most people noted, the censorship for games seems to be exclusively targeting titles aimed at straight males, which makes it rather obvious that regarding the video game fan-service censorship, it’s ideologically driven.

As for Dragon Ball… it used to be that the Blu-ray releases were the uncensored versions of shows and movies, but now that’s no longer true.

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