EA, DICE Closed Battlefield V Launch Event Promoted Social Justice And Mocked Disgruntled Fans

Folks out there looking to understand the origins of who posted up the mocking images of disgruntled fans over Battlefield V at the closed launch party can find answers right here.

Yes, it’s true that EA DICE have doubled down and mocked fans after calling them “uneducated”, at the December 1st, 2018, BFV launch event at Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan (Stockholm, Sweden). However, not much information has come out of the event since it had to be limited to a small number of people due to safety and security reasons as noted on bfvreleaseparty.guestl.com.

Although not many people as, say, a game award ceremony appeared at the event, there were enough to snap shots and spread word and images around to show up on your layman person or content creators’ radar.

This is evident with avid Battlefield player and content creator Flakfire, who exchanged a few words regarding the closed launch event with another BF content creator Crafter.

The conversation continued, showing that the small event was no longer a blip on the radar but a presence that made it to HQ.

The conversation between Flakfire and Crafter ended with the latter name stating how other EA DICE devs posted up similar photos, but then took them down after catching heat.

With all of that said, I bet you’re wondering “well, who posted those string of mocking images that rallied up people without taking them down?”

The answer to the question pertaining to the heated topic that’s been censored heavily on /r/Battlefield/ and used as SJW propaganda to say that “gamers are sexist” on resetera.com comes from a particular PR person named Mia, as seen below.

“Works in PR. Loves tea and writing fiction. Tweets against Trump and fascism in general. All my tweets are my private views.”


Other comments on ResetEra from Battlefield V staff complained that gamers weren’t more accepting of their “inclusive” propaganda for the game.

That’s correct, Mia attended the closed event and revealed the glowing wall of shame (the people who helped make the mess that is BFV) whilst admitting that Dice boss or General Manager Oskar Gabrielson got up on stage, along with others, to talk high and mighty about Battlefield V and how the game “has a woman fighter on the cover.” He would go on to show comments that “EA got” for “standing for the cause for equality,” which includes the following:

“Feminism Ruins Everything, Feminazis Are Trying To Rewrite History!”


“White Men! White Men! White Men!”


“What The Fuck Was The Developers Thinking!”


“Genderfield 5!”

To top it all off, EA DICE had the audacity to plaster the words #EveryonesBattlefield over the aforesaid statements made, which those remarks were accompanied by a saying that you might see to this day that goes like “#NotMyBattlefield.”

But that’s not all, because the skeletons came marching out of the closet and some devs of EA DICE tried to conceal them; Mia the PR agent wasn’t backing down — allowing the images to be screen captured — and sought out to go toe-to-toe with anyone who questioned the controversial act.

One user found it hilarious that developers and a PR person would attack fans and supporters of a game that clearly has issues to which Mia spun into another so-called “sexist remark.”

Additionally, celebrating the act of mocking displeased people in a closed or open space is bad practice. And given that EA DICE is a AAA company and Mia is a PR person, they should know that bad PR is never good PR, and mishandling a product and mocking customers is well within the realm of bad PR.

And finally, that is how the glowing wall of shame and the “BFV mocking image” surfaced causing more controversy surrounding EA, DICE, and BFV.

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