Fortnite Streamer Reportedly Arrested After Hitting Pregnant Wife While Streaming
Twitch Stream Abuse

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding a streamer who was arrested and charged for physically assaulting his wife while he was playing Fortnite. According to Dexerto, Australian Twitch streamer MrDeadMoth was arrested along with his wife after the two got into a physical altercation, and both were initially charged but the charges against MrDeadMoth’s wife were eventually dropped.

It started when MrDeadMoth’s wife consistently kept telling him to get off the game and throwing things at him for nearly a minute while he repeatedly said “I’ll be out soon”. This kept up until MrDeadMoth eventually got up, walked over to his wife and smacked her in the face, with the camera picking up the palm of his hand connecting with her cheek, creating a solid “wallop” noise. He went back to the chair and sat down, telling her to “leave me alone” and that he would “be out soon”.

The entire four and a half minute incident was captured and re-uploaded by YouTuber Tycen, who was desperately looking for a way to hit 10,000 subscribers and he felt uploading a video of a Twitch streamer abusing his wife was the best way to do it.

After hitting his pregnant wife the first time, he returns to the game and she tells him to apologize, to which he says…

“Go away. I’ll be out soon. Seriously, it’s not necessary. [wife asks him to say sorry] I will say sorry, but I will come out – I will say sorry [interrupted by wife who tells him to say sorry now]”

MrDeadMoth’s wife kept telling him to quit the game and come out of the room, and to apologize for hitting her. As she kept bickering with him to apologize, eventually resulting in her saying “you say sorry now” he gets up to smack her again. He tells her to just leave him alone for 10 minutes, and that he’s the one who pays all the bills.

She continued to prod and provoke him once he returned to the chair, and a minute later, like clockwork, MrDeadMoth, visibly irate, got up to confront his wife. Around 30 seconds later, after still being told to get off the game, MrDeadMoth then proceeded to get up and confront his wife for the final time while filled with the rage of a thousand neophytes who always lose at Fortnite. It’s unclear what he does to her, as all you hear is the kids reacting with loud screams and crying, and his pregnant wife screaming out in a shrill voice.

Shortly after that the video ends.

Plenty of people downvoted the video while others upvoted it. There was a lot of contention in the comments, but plenty of people agreed that had the wife not kept nagging him he wouldn’t have hit her.

Others argued that men should never hit women, especially pregnant women, because they’re emotional and their hormones are imbalanced while pregnant. However, a woman hopped into the conversation to say that being pregnant is not an excuse.

Others, however, felt that had she not been nagging him he never would have reacted in the way he did. Some defended the wife, saying that hitting a pregnant woman is never right. A few more argued that being pregnant doesn’t give you carte blanche to be annoying.

There are some people who blamed both parties for their actions, however, stating that both the wife and the husband were at fault, and both of them are wrong.

There were others who rallied against the “both sides” argument because they claim that what the MrDeadMoth did would impress upon his children and that it’s teaching them it’s okay to abuse pregnant women.

A few defended MrDeadMoth on the grounds that he was just defending himself, while others fired back that him physically abusing his wife over having cardboard thrown at him likely wouldn’t hold up in court.

MrDeadMoth had his Twitch channel and Twitter accounts reportedly nuked in result of him hitting his wife.

It’s now no longer surprising that Fortnite has been mentioned in more than 200 divorce proceedings, as reported by Esquire.

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