Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin Vier Brings High-Speed VR Racing To Steam
Future GPX Cyber Formula

Japanese developer Project YNP recently released Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin Vier on Steam for PC. The game can be played normally or with VR headsets, and it’s currently available for $29.99.

The game attempts to combine the skill and track designs of Formula One racing but with the futuristic elements of high-tech motorized vehicles that can exceed 700 km/h.

The game supports up to 16 players for online competitive multiplayer races, along with some cool transforming mechanics to help with wind resistance and giving players peak performance for banking the turns and cutting corners at high speeds. You can see what the gameplay is like with the video below from deathr0w.

To be a Japanese game you have a surprising amount of control over the controller types, audio, and graphical effects, including being able to change the graphics quality, the FPS limiter, full screen support, and the resolution.

Once you get done messing with the gameplay options you can start a single-player race, go head-to-head against a ghost, or attempt to play against other players online.

The actual gameplay reminds me of the old Sega arcade racing titles. You can use the transformation to speed up the vehicle at the risk having more limited controls during turning, which prompts players to have to switch back and forth, using the transformation during the straightaways and the normal mode for the turns.

The frame-rate looked kind of choppy in the video above, but the handling seemed pretty decent.

If you were into classic vector racing games like Virtua Racing or AeroGauge, then you can check out the game over on the Steam store.


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