God Eater 3 Demo Video Outlines Facial Customization Features
God Eater 3 Demo

God Eater 3 is prepping to release on December 13th for the PlayStation 4 in Japan and February 8th, 2019 in the West on PC and PS4. Back in mid October a limited-time multiplayer demo was made available that allowed gamers to hop into the action after customizing their character, and fight some giant bosses. The demo wasn’t very long but it allowed gamers to get a feel for what the combat and multiplayer mechanics were like.

Some videos have also been emerging of the game’s character creation, showcasing what sort of features and options are available for gamers to modify when creating their character. This includes choosing the gender of the character, their hair-style, hair color, eye shape, eye color, facial expression, facial accessories or tattoos, hair accessories or attachments, and their voice. You can check out the character creation demonstration below courtesy of or2.

Unfortunately the character creator does not allow you to modify the character’s body. Fortunately, the female characters at least already have ample assets and built-in jiggle physics, so no matter what your female character will automatically become sexy no matter how hard someone might try to Westernize her.

After you get choosing your character’s face and voice, you then get to modify their starting outfit along with being able to choose their weapon and fighting style. The second part of the demo video outlines the equipment customization, which you can check out below.

Once you get done setting up your character you can then survey the mission, talk to the NPC and then you’ll finally make your way into the first battleground with other players, where you’ll cooperatively work together to fight against the giant monsters.

The levels are setup spaciously enough so that everyone (including the monsters) can move around rather freely and have enough space to perform their specials, shoot projectiles and execute devastating area of effect attacks.

It features the traditional God Eater style gameplay but now with an online multiplayer component attached that seems reminiscent of an MMO.

You can look for the game to launch this month in Japan and two months from now in the West. There’s no real telling how much the game may have been affected by < a href=https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/12/sony-japan-president-says-ps4-censorship-policy-is-to-match-global-standards-and-protect-kids/72781/ target=”_blank”>Sony’s new censorship policies, if at all.

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