Halo: Infinite Engine Developed With PC Players In Mind As “First-Class Citizens”, 4-Player Splitscreen

Having played a free version of Halo 5: Guardians, I can say that previous Halo games were far better than said game at launch. Sure, one can have fun with Guardians’ multiplayer, but many fans were hoping to relive Halo 2 or 3 days via the multiplayer and single-player modes. Well, according to 343 Industries they want to not only make a new “fun” Halo game but treat PC players as “first-class citizens.”

Accruing well over 2,442,440 views on mixer.com — a Seattle-based video game live streaming platform owned by Microsoft —it played host to a Halo: Infinite dev info dump, which a plethora of highlights can be found on r/Halo.

In addition to the above highlights, one of them touches on the PC platform treated as “a first-class citizen,” while another topic touches on Infinite’s “Slipspace engine.” As of now, the engine is currently in development with PC in mind, which means different hardware combinations will supposedly be covered — high-end, low-end, K+M and so on.

Contrary to the above news, the Infinite PC flighting programs might come later than the other console flights due to the team stating “technical challenges with developing for PC.”

Furthermore, folks who like to hunker down and play couch co-op will find that Infinite will support that feature. According to the Mixer stream, Infinite will have four player split-screen given that the team “successfully tested” this with their new engine.

I should note, however, that the Slipspace engine isn’t made from scratch but one that is made from elements of previous Halo games. I’m not entirely sure how buggy or clean it will run, but I assume the new engine has both PC and multiplayer functions in mind from the ground up.

And of course, the game will have loads of customization to reap that sweet precious microtransaction money as featured in the 2015 installment.

Lastly, time will tell how this 2019 or 2020 PC port will pan out in the future as more information comes from Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries. Although, I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything substantial given the publisher and developer’s track record.


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