HoverGrease, Alpha Demo For Isometric Furry-Shooter Is Available For Download

Do you like cocks and pussy? Well, if you answered “Yes”, then there’s a perfect game for you featuring a well-dressed rooster named Jonny Cock-Head, a sexy frog, a voluptuous fox, and the potentiality of seeing a pussycat down the line.

The new game is a top-down multiplayer shooter from Altergaze Games, not unlike Neon Chrome or Hatred. The gameplay is themed around multiplayer PvP action as you take on the roles of genetically enhanced anthropomorphic animals. These super beings take part in corporately sponsored tournaments in a dystopian future of 22nd century Earth.

HoverGrease - Sexy Characters

The alpha version of HoverGrease is available right now for download over on the Itch.io page.

The main game features five playable anthro influencers, but later versions of the game will sport 12 different playable characters. The gameplay is themed around twin-stick, top-down shooting set across six different game modes and six different maps. This includes Free For All, Last Man Standing, 4v4 Deathmatch, 4v4 Elimination, Capture The Flag, and Zone Control.

You’ll also have access to 15 different weapons. You can get a look at some of the gameplay with the trailer below.

The gameplay doesn’t look all that different from your typical isometric, top-down shooter. The appeal will obviously be based on how well it plays and how consistent they are with adding new content to the game to keep it feeling fresh.

The alpha version is pretty limited, though, as there are only two playable characters at the moment but they plan on buffing it up to five. Only one map is present in the form of the Skyrise, and only three game modes are available in the current build, along with six weapons.

You can check out the early alpha build right now to see how well you like it and if things go over well enough the two-man development team will continue to work toward fleshing out the rest of the content, including adding in the rest of the characters, stages, modes, and maps.

The Steam Early Access version of the game is expected to arrive at some point in 2019 for PC and Mac.


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