Invaxion Dev Addresses Censorship For Steam Release Following Google Play Censorship

Chinese developer Aquatrax is set to release Invaxion soon on Steam, which is the PC version of a music-rhythm game on mobile devices called Zyon. The mobile game was temporarily banned by Google from the Google Play store because the characters had cleavage present in the imagery, and so they had to go back in and censor the game before re-releasing for it Android devices. A concerned gamer asked them about whether or not that kind of censorship would make its way into the Steam version of the game given Valve’s current inconsistent state of banning and forcing censorship on some games, and the developer addressed those concerns in the Steam forums.

In the post, Aquatrax confirmed that the game would have some moderate censorship on the Steam version, saying…

“First of all, INVAXION is highly moderated due to such issues from the very beginning of design.


“Our main character:EINS, as you may noticed a dark side of “Zing”, always show her back with no front image.


“Though we have more than 20 animated female characters, none of them has such issues like Zing was.In our case,none of them has “sexy” features while we focus on story to demonstrate their characteristics.(Yes,we will have all language story mode in the next update)


“Secondly:Valve has rating system so we could set maybe some of our DLCs(in future) suggested as “mature content” or “suggested users to be R17”.


“We are very glad Valve has such freedom if we follow their principle rules!”


“So stay tuned,we will be launching INVAXION and “moderated Zyon” soon! “

So in order to avoid any issues, they preemptively self-censored for the release on Steam. Now we don’t know if this means if they had different kinds of art in store for release and then changed them to maintain an all-ages release, or if the intent was to avoid any kind of controversy from the start and they moderated the appearance of the images so that they could release it on Steam without any problems.

The only upside is that they do mention that due to Valve’s 18+ filters they might consider releasing more mature rated imagery for Invaxion as a DLC add-on.

For now, though, the game will be moderated just like the mobile release of Zyon, which had to be censored due to Google banning the app from the Google Play store due to the characters displaying cleavage.

You can look for Invaxion to launch on the Steam store starting December 20th, 2018.

(Thanks for the news tip Hiecchi)


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