Jesus Strikes Back Is A Real Game About Jesus Coming For Feminists, Says Dev
Jesus Strikes Back

The developers of Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day have made a post over on the official website on December 10th, 2018. They address some of the concerns raised by the community about the game that involves Jesus coming back to Earth to team up with Trump, Putin, and Hitler to fight back against SJWs, feminists, globalists, and the non-binary humanoid berserker. This includes addressing concerns that the game was nothing more than a troll attempt, or that Jesus had man-boobs, or that the people working on the game had troll names. They assure the community that all the work they’ve put into the game over the last two and a half months have been real, and that they plan to keep working on game leading up to its alpha release in February of 2019.

In a post titled “Clearing up your concerns”, they start by saying that Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day is not a “trolling” or “bait” game, writing…

“Yes, this is a REAL game. This is not “bait” or “trolling”. If you honestly believe that individuals would spend over ten weeks developing a game only to post screenshots and “troll” to achieve absolutely nothing from it other than “trolling” for the sake of it, well, I just don’t know what to say. This is happening, this is in development, and this will be released whether you doubt it or not. Too much time and money from independent donors has been invested for this to be “bait”.


“In regards to the actual game content and quality, JSB: JD has not even been in development for even three months at the time of writing. Much of the content (but not all) is using “placeholder” graphics at this time as our main concern is developing the core mechanics of game play in order to meet the deadline for the alpha release. Emphasis on “Fancy graphics and visuals” will definitely have it’s time once the core engine and game play is where we want it to be. Do bear in mind however we are a small development team and not some AAA studio with a multi-million dollar budget and hundreds of staff, so while we will do all that we can to ensure the end product is as high a quality as it can be, we are fully aware that this is an indie game and so there are unfortunately limits on what can actually be achieved quality wise.”

So in the original article where we questioned if this was all just an elaborate troll, it turns out that it’s not. Based on the amount of in-game screenshots released it seemed to lean toward being a real game because anyone who was trolling would have never gone through the painstaking task of creating that many assets to snap that many screenshots for a fake game. As mentioned in the quote, it would have taken a lot of time and money to do so with no real payoff, except to maybe garner attention from small outlets and get a few laughs from people who would forget the game existed a few hours later.

Jesus Strikes Back - Trump On The Prowl

The post also addresses concerns about doxing, and privacy data gathering. They note that they don’t require any personal data or information from users to play the game, and the only thing that they do require from users is an e-mail address, but only if you want to subscribe to the newsletter.

And lastly, they address the people who have been chiding them on their politically incorrect language. To quote from the post…

“There has also been concerns about some of our writers choice of colorful language. Perhaps you think it’s not “professional” to use a bad word here or there, and that maybe we should be more politically correct and follow the example of others in the industry. If you are one of those people who are concerned about such language, it would be appreciated if you would be so kind as to FUCK OFF back to your safe space.”

Sounds like my kind of fellows.

There’s a countdown timer over on the official website for Jesus Strikes Back, which lets you know when the alpha will be released for download. If you still have reservations about the game, you’ll be able to check it out for yourself to see how it holds up.


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