Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day Sees Jesus Returning To Fight SJWs, Feminists, Globalists

Jesus Strikes Back

There’s a game on the horizon set to enter into alpha testing in less than two months. The name of the game is Jesus Strike Back: Judgment Day. This is the game that you have been waiting and praying for.

Jesus makes a triumphant return to a post-apocalyptic world where degeneracy has run rampant, and only the Holy Son can set things straight.

The story follows the Divine One as he returns to Earth to preach goodness and peace, but the New World Order has become too steeped in degeneracy and react with violence, forcing Jesus to take up arms against them. He teams up with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Hitler, Xi Jinping, Mussolini, and Napoleon, as they face off against Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, feminists, the rainbow reich, illegal aliens, actual terrorists, doctors, socialists, the final boss, RFNBGFPHB… the radical non-binary gender fluid pansexual humanoid berserker.

Jesus Strikes Back - Trump and Putin vs Trans

So what is the story about? Well, it’s pretty straightforward, with the description stating…

“Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is a heartwarming tale following a group of unlikely friends through a very crazy world. The game is guaranteed fun for all the family envisioning Jesus’s return to a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by radical socialism and religious fanatics. With the complete downfall of worldwide civilization and the freedom, liberty and independence the free world once took for granted now nothing more than a distant memory, it is up to he without sin to cast thy first bullet.”

The game is a little bit like Rockstar’s State of Emergency meets BroForce, except it’s in 3D.

You’ll take control of one of the seven playable characters and attempt to take down the Feminists, the Social Justice Warriors, the Globalists, the Rainbow Reich, and the fanatics from the Intersectional Inquisition.

Jesus Strikes Back - screen14

This seems like the ultimate anti-SJW game. But I’m a little cautious about it’s true intentions because the e-mail was originally titled “Using Gaming to DESTROY the alt-right Movement”.

Obviously the title of the e-mail would get just about any Leftist to click on the message. The body of the message is filled with all the typical Leftist buzzwords with a link to the official website.

Of course, once you get to the website and read about the actual gameplay and check out the screenshots, it’s pretty obvious that Jesus Strikes Back is the kind of game that will give SJWs an aneurysm and force game journalists into a seizure.

Jesus Strikes Back - screenshots3j

The game ripping on GTA’s font and UI probably won’t score it many points with gamers who aren’t fond of asset rips, and the general tone and visuals look like they were cobbled together with a lot of free material from the Unity store.

It’s also pretty much guaranteed that with the two rogue employees at Valve preventing a lot of games from launching on Steam and banning a variety of games from the storefront, a game like Jesus Strikes Back won’t get within an inch of releasing on Steam.

There’s just way too much triggering that would take place.

If this game isn’t just a straight-up troll (and it’s likely that it could be), I could definitely see it becoming a modern day classic like Postal 2.

We’ll see just how real the game is when Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day enters into alpha testing in February of 2019.

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