Judge Eyes Receives Second Trial Demo For PS4 On PlayStation Store

Judge Eyes Demo

A second demo for Yakuza Team’s Judge Eyes has become available for download right now over on the PlayStation Store. While the demo is currently available for free, the version that’s available on the store is only available on the English version of the PlayStation Store in Chinese.

Destructoid spotted the news a short time ago, informing gamers that they can get their hands on the free demo right now.

The demo features a small segment from the opening chapter featuring private investigator Takayuki Yagami. If you’re completely out of the loop on what the game is like, you can check out the gameplay trailer below to get a small idea of how the game is played.

So yeah, it’s very similar to the Yakuza games, which is no surprise since it’s being made by the Yakuza Team, and has been developed in collaboration with actor Takuya Kimura, who also stars in the game as the main character Takayuki Yagami. You’ll have to interact with NPCs, look for clues, and also beat the crap out of villains using a combat system very similar to the one featured in the Yakuza games.

The second pre-trial version accompanies the first demo, which is also still available for download, which features the first chapter in the game.

There has yet to be any news about whether or not Judge Eyes has been censored by Sony’s new censorship policy, but given that it affects all games released in the U.S., Japan, China, and other parts of Asia, it’s likely that if the game did have any sexy-time sequences, they’ve either already been censored or may end up getting censored in a post-release patch.

You can look for the full game to launch on the PS4 starting December 13th this month.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)

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