Kotoko Is A Little Different, English Version Launches On DLSite
Kotoko is a little different launch

DLSite announced that their latest English acquisition is Kotoko Is A Little Different. The game is about lewd reciprocity, where a young girl named Kotko repays anyone who imparts upon her a lewd gesture. This starts with simple starring and leering from horny men, but Kotoko eventually has an awakening after a middle-aged man on a subway unabashedly gropes her and then proceeds to molest her.

Instead of becoming repulsed by this act, Kotoko becomes turned on by strange men performing indecent acts on her in public. This lascivious behavior begins to escalate, as she not only allows perverts to touch, caress, and molest her, but she begins to repay this licentious behavior by performing acts on them as well.

kotoko is a little different

Kotoko then begins to engage in the discovery of various forms of exhibitionism, from changing her clothes in front of the janitor while he gazes upon her supple body undisturbed, to spreading her legs in front of homeless men while the secretion of her inhibitions are shed away.

Kotoko escalates her behavior until she fully succumbs to the most depraved acts her body is willing to muster.

The game is played out like an old 16-bit top-down RPG, allowing players to travel around the town, examining locations and interacting with NPCs. The story, however, unfolds much like a typical visual novel, complete with unlockable CGs and multiple endings.

There are no battles in the game, and there are multiple partners for Kotoko to engage with and be taken advantage of as she discovers her own sexuality, along with having her sexuality exploited by perverts, homeless men, and exchange students. The game attempts to add slightly more interactivity than the typical visual novel while also providing gamers with plenty of lewd CG art to ogle.

The R18+ version of the game is currently available for $11.40 right now over on the NSFW DLSite store page.


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