Love Live! Arcade Glitch Turns The Dancing Idols Naked
Love Live! Nude Glitch

You don’t have to look far for some spicy news about the Love Live! franchise. It turns out the new arcade game for Love Live! featuring dancing rhythm gameplay is bugged. The 3D female idols that dance in the background of the game appeared on the arcade machines with no clothes on.

The video footage of the bug has been circulating around the Japanese Twitter community, as they joke and poke fun at the possibilities of a nude music-rhythm game. Niko posted up the somewhat NSFW video featuring the gameplay of Love Live!‘s arcade glitch in action. You can check it out below.

The girls dancing in the game are all academy students, so obviously the Western branch of Sony would fume and puff if they ever came across the video given their new censorship policies.

The video itself features two of the girls dancing in the nude while the camera rotates around them. However, the characters are practically lolis, flat-chested with hardly any curves. They don’t jiggle, bounce or wiggle, so there’s basically zero sex appeal.

Also, the nudity is all anatomically vague. There are no textures for the genitalia or boobs, and there’s no butt-crack on display.

The 3D models themselves are also pretty plain and basic, so if you were hoping that the nude glitch would be on par to Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer for Fallout 4 or Skyrim, keep dreaming.

Some of the people in the thread poked a bit of fun at the occurrence, including one fellow who had a drawing indicating that players would have to strip down naked in order to play.

Expect the glitch to get fixed soon enough, as it’s very unlikely that the arcade operators will let the no-clothes bug last for long.

(Thanks for the news tip James and Hector)


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