Megaton-Kyuu Musashi JRPG Mecha Game Announced By Level-5

Level-5 announced that they have a new JRPG in the works called Megaton-Kyuu Musashi for the PS4. The game follows mecha-pilot Yamato Ichigodoji and his companions Ryugo Hijakata and Teru Asami as they team up to battle against kaiju invading the planet.

Twinfinite spotted the new trailer, which was announced during this year’s Jump Festa 2018 event, where it reveals brief bits of the story along with a look at the Musashi mech and its twin blades. The trailer is only a minute long, and it contains only cinematics but you can check it out below.

The game itself is being described as a JRPG. Twinfinite notes that the game was originally designed to release on the 3DS when it was first teased back in 2016, but wisely points out that Nintendo and Sony have both abandoned their current iteration handhelds. So is it possible that the game is being designed for a new breed of handhelds or will Level-5 suffice to put the game on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 instead?

It’s likely that it will appear on the PS4 given that Level-5 already released their previous games on the PlayStation 4 and unlike American game developers, Japanese are very loyal. Then again, the Yo-Kai Watch series is also popular on the Nintendo platforms, so it’s very possible that they bypass the PlayStation and stick with the Switch instead.

Now if this were a fan-service heavy game I would expect it to bypass the PlayStation 4 given the current censorship policies, but as a standard mecha JRPG it will more than likely appear on the PS4 when the time comes for release. We don’t have a release date nor what platforms it will be released on and we also don’t know what the actual gameplay is like. Expect more details to arrive throughout 2019.


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