Men In Black: International Trailer Keeps The Diversity Agenda To A Minimum

Men In Black International 2019

With Hollywood going off the deep end into the Diversity agenda, you can pretty much expect a lot of what you used to love to become wrapped up in the trappings of tinsel town’s transtrender movement led by the Rainbow Reich. But don’t worry, not everything is as pozzed as you would expect it to be. A good example of that is the upcoming Men In Black: International, which is surprisingly more masculine than I thought it would be.

The near three minute trailer features Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson. Hemsworth works as both the veteran and the comedic relief this time around, as Tessa is fulfilling the role that Will Smith had back in the first movie starring alongside Tommy Lee Jones.

You can check out the trailer below, which is serviceable in its entertainment values without devaluing or discriminating against straight, white men like some films out there.

So the basic gist of the film is that Thompson, who is Hollywood’s half-tone “It” girl right now, somehow magically stumbles upon the super secret MIB organization. This leads her to Emma Thompson, who ends up recruiting her and then deporting her to the London division, which is an interesting allegory for the current immigration crisis facing America right now.

Thompson ending up in London, England sees her under the guidance of Liam Neeson, who runs the British faction of MIB. She’s then paired up with Chris Hemsworth, which results in the duo having to fight against illegal aliens ruining the Queen’s land. If this isn’t analogous to the current Brexit situation than you’re either terrible at extrapolating subtext from literature or you haven’t been paying attention to the proletariat uprising happening around the world.

Anyway, some big threat is looming overhead but they don’t say what it is in the trailer. Instead, we see Thompson and Hemsworth beating up, shooting down, and fighting against some illegal aliens of Middle Eastern decent, so it looks like the filmmakers are definitely red-pilled.

I’m sure the patriotism gene found at the very bottom of the blackened hearts of Liberals sparked to life just a tinsy-intsy bit.

Strangely, the biggest issue a lot of commenters had about Men In Black: International was that it lacked Will Smith. One would think that they would be happy that at least the film has two straight white males in leading roles.

Anyway, you can look for Men In Black: International to arrive in theaters next summer.

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