Minecraft Creator Notch Calls Out SJW Agenda Against White Men
Markuss Persson

If you’ve paid any attention at all to any Leftist website (or mainstream news media outlet) you would know that they have a clear agenda against straight, white men. For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, headlines from Jezebel, The Seattle Times, Salon, and The New York Times, all attacking, denigrating, and castigating straight, white males has been the modus operandi of Left-wing media for the last six years.

Those aforementioned headlines are just the tip of the iceberg, and the original creator of Minecraft has called out Social Justice Warriors on their ridiculous attacks against white men.

The Gold Water picked up the tweets from Markus “Notch” Persson, which took place on December 8th, 2018. The tweets were in response to someone who asked Notch if he loved Jews, to which an argument broke out over the tweets when Notch posted the following.

Someone else then began arguing about how they didn’t discriminate against anyone but whites.

Notch then asked them about whether or not they discriminate against white men, to which someone else responded by asking why he was like that and to stop framing his arguments as if there was an agenda against white men.

Notch eventually responded by pointing out that yes, there is indeed a very clear and irrefutable agenda against straight, white men.

To further exemplify his point, Notch pointed to the absolute media debauchery surrounding the fake news about Nolan Buschnell being accused of sexual misconduct; accusations that turned out to be untrue. Even after former female employees came forward to debunk the media’s false narrative against Bushnell, the damage was already done and the Game Developers Award that he was supposed to receive was rescinded. Notch made it known that this kind of agenda pushing was “evil”.

This is the kind of activism more developers need to undertake.

While outlets attempt to demonize Notch for being truthful about a reality that fake news media are intent on distorting, it hasn’t caused him to waver from his principles. Notch also gave young men some sound dating advice against the anti-hetero maxims preached by misandrist feminists, telling men to be confident and assertive and to “get stuff done”, which is something real men do.

So the next time a game journalists (who is likely a rapist) or a male feminist (who is likely a pedophile) calls you an “incel” or a “basement dweller”, simply say… “I get things done, b*tch”.

(Thanks for the news tip monzaemon92)

(Main image courtesy of Elsevier Weekblad)


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