My Erotic Summer Steam Release Delayed Indefinitely Due To Valve Review
My Erotic Summer

Dieselmine was supposed to release My Erotic Summer in December of 2018. December is almost over with though, and the game still hasn’t released on Steam. So what’s the hold up? According to the developers, it’s stuck in a review limbo due to Valve.

Even though Valve implemented the adult filters on Steam, certain kinds of games still get held up for release even if they follow the rules and apply the adult filter tags to their games. According to some developers, they mentioned that if your game contains “child exploitation” or a “school” setting, it’s considered “high risk” and is likely to get banned. Essentially, Valve is “taste policing” the games.

Well, another game has been held up indefinitely due to Valve’s review. This time it’s Dieselmine’s My Erotic Summer. The game was checked as an adult title, but its release has been held up. If you check the Steam store page it just has a generic “December, 2018” release label. According to the developers it was due to Valve’s review taking a long time and the company not getting back with them.

According to Dieselmine the game was supposed to be out in December already but the review process has held up the game’s release, which is why when you check over on the Steam store page it simply states that it’s set to arrive in December, but with no specific release date. The game was originally submitted for review back in the middle of mid-November, according to the developer. So it’s been more than a month now since the original submission.

What’s odd is that over on the SteamDB page it’s a little more specific, and we find out that Valve approved the store page to go live back on November 21st, 2018, which is when the store page went live.

That very same day Dieselmine added the Adult filter tag, updated the content and images and began prepping for release in December. To cover their bases they put December 31st, 2018 as the last day cutoff for releasing the game in 2018, but that’s just over a week away, and it’s not looking good for the studio.

The game itself is a hybrid between a slice of life simulator and romance visual novel. You take on the role of a young boy who goes to spend the summer with two hot chicks. You can romance them in between fishing, tending to the garden, and engaging in other outdoor activities.

In between the life-sim mechanics you’ll also be able to engage in hardcore sex with the two beauties. Obviously someone at Valve had an issue with this.

We’ve seen other games get hit with this indefinite delay as well, mostly indie developers making adult-themed visual novels and games. Niplheim’s Hunter was delayed indefinitely until they complied with removing an entire character from the game. Another game from Chinese outfit 33Paradox called Victory Project was also recently delayed indefinitely. In the case of Victory Project, the developers still haven’t heard back from Valve and still have no time frame on when they will be able to release it on Steam.

We learned that two of Valve’s employees have been targeting adult-themed anime and visual novel games even after Valve implemented the adult filter tags. The product release manager Jason Ruymen, and business development associate Arisa Sudangnoi.

Some games manage to slip by and release unscathed on Steam while other gems get caught up in the lengthy review process and require censorship to take place. So far only indie devs have been targeted with these antics. Dieselmine in particular hasn’t made any announcements about the delay, as they still hope to get My Erotic Summer out before December ends, but they still haven’t heard back from Valve as of the writing of this article.


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