Niplheim’s Hunter Launches Uncensored On Fakku After Being Indefinitely Delayed On Steam
Niplheim's Hunter Fakku

Valve has been on a banning spree of adult and non-adult games lately. Various visual novels and anime-themed games have either been delayed, banned, or forced to censor before releasing on Steam. This obviously goes against Valve’s policies laid out back in June of 2018 where they said the only games that would get banned or removed would be “illegal” games and games that were “straight-up trolling”. They also later reiterated during a conference speech that they would not be the “taste police”. However, the company has completely reneged on their promise and have been banning games for ideological reasons. Two employees in particular, Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi, have been being behind most of the bans.

One of the games hit in the second Waifu Holocaust was Black Train and HappyHand’s Niplheim’s Hunter: Branded Azel. The game has been indefinitely delayed for its release on Steam.

The developers tried reaching out to Valve to find out why their game couldn’t be released on Steam, but they never heard back.

Also, unlike other titles that were hit in the current war on waifus, Niplheim’s Hunter does not contain lolicon material, nor was it the uncensored version being released on Steam. So the common excuses from censorship-apologists don’t apply to this game.

Nevertheless, HappyHand decided to cut their losses and release the game in all its uncensored, not-safe-for-work glory on Fakku.

Niplheim's Hunter - Glute Massage

The English version of the game features Azel, who has been branded by a demon, venturing to the land of Niplheim, where she attempts to hunt monsters, make cash, and eventually face off against the demon who branded her.

While in Niplheim the buxom warrior brandishes her blade against a number of monsters as she levels up both her warrior skills and her ability to pleasure her partners.

Niplheim's Hunter - Azel Skills

The game runs the gamut of sexual perversions, much like every other 18+ uncensored nukige out there. The big difference is that it’s not all just visual novel fluff and virtual lewds to encounter. There’s an actual RPG tucked in beneath the licentious encounters and sultry characters.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from for $13.99 from over on the NSFW Fakku digital store page.

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