Niplheim’s Hunter Steam Release Postponed Indefinitely Due To Valve
Nipleheim's Hunter

Niplheim’s Hunter – Branded Azel was supposed to launch on December 3rd near the start of the month. It was then pushed to December 7th, and now… well, now it’s delayed indefinitely.

The Steam version of the game still has its store page up, with the Steam version being the all-ages version while an R18+ patch was scheduled to be delivered following the game’s release. However, it doesn’t appear as if Niplheim’s Hunter will be released at all.

The news comes courtesy of a post published on December 7th, 2018 over on the Steam news thread, where publisher HappyHand made it known that Valve has given him the cold shoulder, writing…

“Steam hasn’t given me any response on why the review is taking so long and what the problem with the game is, if there even is a problem. I tried sending emails to several different Valve employees, asked in Steamworks group, sent a support ticket and asked if they could just give me an estimate when they are done or if there’s anything that I could say to you guys. I haven’t received any response for more than a week from anyone, so sadly, the game is delayed until further notice for unknown reasons.”

He’s unsure what the hold-up is but suspects it could be due to Valve reneging on their policy of not being the “taste police”.

The company has certainly walked back on their promise to only curate games that are “illegal” or “straight-up trolling”. This clandestine change in policy is something that they’ve never addressed after I reached out to them multiple times.

HappyHand, however, linked to a recent video from Appabend that covers Sony’s censorship policy as well as the recent string of visual novels and anime games that have been banned from Steam, mostly due to two of Valve’s employees, Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi.

However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet if the two horsemen of the Waifu Apocalypse targeted Niplheim’s Hunter.

HappyHand was also at a loss for alternative solutions, but was willing to concede that if Valve doesn’t want Japanese and anime games on the system, they’ll post it up elsewhere. However, much like Dank Boi Games who called out Valve months ago for their double standards when it comes to censorship, HappyHand did draw attention to some of the games already approved on Steam that have not been censored, despite being more hardcore the games that are being censored, writing…

“Maybe Steam doesn’t want eastern/anime styled games in their store, I will respect their decision and publish the game elsewhere, but there are hardcore games like Meltys Quest and Makina published in Steam and some games, that don’t even any sex are banned, so I don’t know what is going on in Steam or what I should do.”

Usually when this happens gamers have suggested to publish the games elsewhere, such as DLSite or JAST USA.

For now Niplheim’s Hunter won’t be appearing on Steam anytime soon (or at all), and even in light of Valve having the adult filters in place, the company is still censoring visual novels and anime games as if the Waifu Apocalypse is back in full swing.

You can still access the game from the HappyHand store.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard)


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