One Piece: World Seeker Opening Cinematic Revealed While Worries Mount Over Censorship
One Piece World Seeker

Bandai Namco unleashed the opening cinematic for One Piece: World Seeker, featuring Luffy finding himself in all sorts of bombastic situations while web-slinging – oops, I mean arm-swinging through the city.

Bandai’s open-world action-adventure game is basically like a Japanese take on the open-world super hero genre, specifically challenging the gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man. You can check out the opening cinematic for the game below.

There’s also an additional gameplay trailer that was made available, covering the basic gameplay mechanics and some of the different environments that players will be able to visit.

It showcases how players will seamlessly be able to traverse the game world, using the stretchy-arm traversal system much like Spider-Man’s web-slinging. They also preview the combo and fighting system, which is also very similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man, but with the added One-Piece special abilities and super powers. You can check out the video below courtesy of Izuniy.

In order to make it through the more difficult areas, you’ll need to level up Luffy and unlock new abilities using the skill menu. Once again, his abilities and upgrades are setup very similar to Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You’ll have to complete quests throughout the open-world, interact with many of the characters from the series, and battle bosses.

There have been some concerns about the game being censored with a promo image showing the girls covered by steam. However, at this time we don’t know if this was just a promo image or if some kind of actual censorship is taking place.

There’s a hot springs scene filled with Steam and it’s unclear if they censored it or if it’s just part of a larger scene and Bandai is trying to lure people in.

One Piece World seeker - Steam

It appears in the Japanese trailer over on the 876TV channel. At the end of the trailer we see that it’s promoting the bonus pack, which features a literal steamy silhouette of the ladies from One Piece.

We’ll need to keep an eye on this development, because it could be a sight gag, or it could be literal censorship, especially with the game launching exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in Japan and for the home consoles and PC in the West. If it has been hit by the Sony censorship policy then it’s yet another game that makes the list.

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