Parasite In The City On Steam Is A Scam, Says Original Dev
Parasite in the City

The original developer of Pixel Factory made a short blog post about the upcoming Early Access version of Parasite In The City by another person using the Pixel Factory name as a developer account on Steam.

Over on the real Pixel Factory website, the developer explained the situation in a short post that was published on December 5th, 2018, writing…

“We are sorry that we ‘ve been disappeared for a long time , and came back with a scam incident.


“We have recently learned that someone has uploaded our game “Parasite in the City”on steam without our consent.


“After discussing with the team we found that the person who uploaded the game on Steam is not one of us .


“Please do not pay any money to this scam .


“We will discuss this issue with Valve and take this fraud down quickly .”

Originally the game was going to release in Early Access on December 12th, but it looks like those plans are scraped.

What’s interesting is that it’s insinuated in the Japanese version of the text that the individual impersonating Pixel Factory had “stolen” Parasite In The City from the team, and had plans on re-releasing it on Steam.

Additionally, the individual impersonating Pixel Factory worked pretty quickly in removing all the details and information on the Steam page for Parasite In The City. The page is now blank with “Test Build” posted as the title, as indicated in the image below.

Previously there was a full-page informational breakdown about the game and the developer’s supposed intentions on improving it throughout the Early Access process, but it appears that it was uploaded with the intention of being a scam, as noted by the original Pixel Factory developers. You can see what the old page was like via a web cache on Google.

There’s still no explanation about how the impostors managed to get their hands on a build of the game, or if it was just a re-upload from what was captured from DLSite, but it appears as if the individual(s) who were operating under Pixel Factory and Hentai Library have closed up shop and fled the premises.

(Thanks for the news tip BakaFly)


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