PS4 Family Management Video Gets Criticized By Gamers For Sony’s Censorship Policy
PS4 Family Management

[Update 12/13/2018:] Sony has deleted the Family Management video from their channel and re-uploaded it again. You can view it below.

[Original article:] Sony recently released a new video for the PS4’s Family Management utility that allows parents to designate who gets to use the PS4, for how long, and what their spending limits are. The video covers the system’s utility features that allow you to assign different adults to manage the console, as well as the kids that can be allowed to play on the system, how long they can play for, how long they have played for, as well as how much they’re allowed to spend from their account. The video, however, is filled with comments from people taking Sony to task for their censorship policy on the PS4.

The video is only three minutes in length, slowly covering how to setup the Family Management system and how to add additional profiles to the system. You can check out the video below.

The very first comment says it all.

The rest of the comments unfold in a similar manner, with many PlayStation gamers taking Sony to task for the censorship running rife on the PS4 at the moment.

If you’re not aware of what the comments are referring to, in early December Sony of Japan president Atsushi Morita finally addressed the company’s abrasive censorship policy that has been affecting a lot of Japanese games, many of which were rated in consideration for mature audiences. Gamers obviously were wondering why are ‘M’ rated games being banned and censored on the PS4 and not the Nintendo Switch? Morita deferred responsibility to “global standards” and basically said that it was to protect the children.

It literally made no sense at all given that a bunch of Sony’s other first-party games on the horizon are also rated ‘M’ for Mature and still contain lots of gore, violence, and even lesbian sexuality, but there doesn’t appear to be any news about those games being censored, only Japanese titles. Some of the censorship doesn’t even make sense, with characters’ cleavage and underboob being censored.

Most people recognized that the changes took effect after Sony moved its headquarters to California, and the new CEO, John Kodera, took control of Sony Interactive Entertainment in America, Japan, and Asia.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has been letting a lot of uncensored games, softcore porn, and fan-service games on the Switch without a peep. Some gamers are angered by this censorship, while others fear it may lead to more games and more content being censored in the near future. Worse yet is that it seems contradictory to have parental controls for the PS4 and promote the Family Management system but still censor fan-service and ecchi content in Mature-rated games.

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